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JCI Togo Improves the Lives of Local Children

Members of JCI Lomé Flamboyant of JCI Togo won 2013 JCI President Chiara Milani’s challenge to upload the best project during the March JCI Impact Month. March focused on the first stage of community development, health and wellness. 

To advance the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the young active citizens of JCI Lomé Flamboyant examined problems and needs concerning children in their community of Aného, Togo. They spoke with city administrative authorities, leadership of orphanages and group homes and secondary school-age teens to learn more about their perspective on this need. After an in-depth analysis, they used the data and information from city stakeholders to form solutions. 

JCI Lomé Flamboyant members decided to focus on reducing poverty and promoting child health and disease prevention in Aného. They also aimed to promote the rights of children in the community to avoid more children becoming orphaned or sent to live on the streets. 
Taking Action 
By focusing on MDG #1 to eradicate extreme hunger and poverty, JCI members began by increasing support for the local care institutions for existing orphaned children. They developed childcare training programs for orphanage staff and concentrated on the importance of children’s rights. JCI members also conducted community wide trainings including sessions about family planning and reproductive health. 
Other members focused on collecting donations of food and non-food items for the orphanages and group homes. Members took caravans around the city talking to community members about protecting children’s rights and gathering donations. Local pharmaceutical companies partnered with JCI Lomé Flamboyant to provide medical supplies as well as help cover travel, communication and administration expenses. 
The project spanned across the community, assisting more than 100 children in the orphanage system. Considering orphanage staff, community partners and the children’s rights and protection awareness campaign for the general public, this JCI Lomé Flamboyant project reached more than 5,000 people. Their simple, yet important message motivated community members to take action and join the fight to make sure no children are uncared for or mistreated. JCI Lomé Flamboyant continues to support initiatives to protect and care for local children in their communities across the country. 
Impact Around the World
Thank you to all JCI members, Local and National Organizations who submitted their projects during March’s JCI Impact Month Contest. Many outstanding projects were submitted, including the three runners-up to the JCI Togo project. 
These projects are:
JCI Ecuador: “Integral Development” (Advancing UN MDG #4 Reduce child mortality) 
JCI United Kingdom: “Pound A Day Challenge” (Advancing UN MDG #1 Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
JCI Bangladesh: “Better Health Better Life” (Advancing UN MDG #5 Improve Maternal Health) 
Browse the JCI Project Gallery to read about the runners-up and many other strong projects JCI members have conducted in communities throughout the world. 
Thank you to JCI Lomé Flamboyant Local President Michel Komlan Badjene for providing information for this story.
Thank you to 2013 JCI President Chiara Milani for choosing the winning project. Follow her travels on the JCI Presidents Corner, Twitter and Facebook
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