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JCI Launches into an Exciting Future

From March 10-17, the 2013 JCI Strategic Planning Committee gathered at the JCI World Headquarters in St. Louis, USA to share innovative ideas, dream big and discuss the next five years of JCI and beyond. 

Advancing Forward into a Bright Future

During the weeklong Strategic Planning Committee Meeting, the Committee concluded that JCI must start moving in a new direction. By fulfilling the JCI Mission and successfully working toward the JCI Vision, the result will not be membership growth, but rather strong, sustainable impact locally and globally. In the past JCI members have been reactive to challenges in their communities, but now is the time to be proactive. To fulfill this new dream and achieve our goals at all levels of the organization, every JCI member needs to focus their time and energy toward the five strategies outlined by the 2013 JCI Strategic Planning Committee Recommendations:

  • IMPACT: JCI will enable communities to achieve sustainable impact.
  • MOTIVATE: JCI will create an environment in which people are motivated toward positive change.
  • INVEST: JCI will create a financial plan that invests in long-term goals.
  • COLLABORATE: JCI will bring together like-minded partners in order to expand mutual impact.
  • CONNECT: JCI will connect people, their communities and the global society.

Shifting our attention to IMPACT and taking action aligned with these five strategies will allow JCI members to create better communities and a better world. 


The JCI Strategic Planning Process

The JCI Strategic Planning process started in 2012 with the development of the Strategic Planning Survey. The survey evaluated existing JCI strategies, resources and tools implemented over the past five years. The JCI World Headquarters also developed content for the Strategic Planning Forums held at the 2012 JCI Area Conferences and JCI World Congress. 


Once completed, the Strategic Planning Survey was delivered in four languages (English, Spanish, French and German). The survey was promoted and sent out via email, the JCI Be Better E-newsletter, social media outlets and through the JCI website to all JCI members and partners around the world. There were 4,624 total responses. The survey included a variety of questions regarding demographics, JCI Programs, JCI Events, our philosophy, marketing, resources and communications. 


JCI members held a series of Strategic Planning Forums in some JCI National Organizations around the world. These National Organizations then brought their thoughts and ideas to their four respective JCI Area Conference Strategic Planning Committee Forums. These Area Conference Forums allowed members to share and collaborate about the future of the organization, providing input for the consideration of the 2013 JCI Strategic Planning Committee. At the Strategic Planning Forums, members discussed a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of JCI and also deliberated about the future of the organization and how the organization can achieve its long-term goals.

Members made their voices heard during these Forums held in Curitiba, Brazil, Casablanca, Morocco, Braunschweig, Germany and Hong Kong. 


After the JCI Area Conferences, in August of 2012, evaluation began of the 2008 JCI Strategic Planning Committee Recommendations implementation. The JCI World Headquarters team along with a professional consultant, who has been working with JCI since 2008, started by evaluating the discussions from the 2012 JCI Area Conference Strategic Planning Forums. The online survey results were compared to the 2008 Strategic Planning Committee Recommendations, and the implementation of the 2008 Recommendations was evaluated for effectiveness. JCI membership statistics and trends were analyzed and the JCI World Headquarters team also conducted an external trends analysis, examining how young people ages 18-40 in our world today are affected by the current social, political and economic trends. At the 2012 JCI World Congress in Taipei, Taiwan in November, the 2012 JCI Board of Directors appointed 15 JCI members to the 2013 JCI Strategic Planning Committee. 


In early 2013, the JCI World Headquarters team worked with the consultant to prepare for the Strategic Planning Committee meeting in March. The Committee members prepared themselves for the process prior to their time in St. Louis by reading three different novels, Good to Great, Built to Last and How the Mighty Falls all written by acclaimed author and researcher Jim Collins. These novels served as inspiration and better understanding about what strategic planning is and what influences a successful or failed plan. 


This entire process of preparation, forums, analysis and surveys culminated during the 2013 JCI Strategic Planning Committee meeting when the 15 members led by Co-chairs, JCI Past President Bertolt Daems and JCI Past President Kentaro Harada, met for six days. Thinking, discussing, interacting, writing and evaluating, the Committee took all the feedback and research from 2012 to now to draft the 2013 JCI Strategic Planning Committee Recommendations. 


After all the planning, discussion and hard work, the Committee members left St. Louis, USA with a dream to see JCI as the organization that will unite all sectors of society to create sustainable impact. They mapped out the five strategic key areas (IMPACT, MOTIVATE, INVEST, COLLABORATE and CONNECT) that will guide the organization. In 2014, all activities of the organization will be filtered and created through the lens of the 2013 JCI Strategic Planning Committee Recommendations.


The next steps beyond producing the 2013 Strategic Planning Committee Recommendations include the creation of an implementation plan over the course of 2013, presentations of the Recommendations at the 2013 JCI Area Conferences and the launch and implementation of the Recommendations at the 2013 JCI World Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Be sure to attend these exciting events and discover more about how you play a vital role in JCI’s future. 


To learn more about the Recommendations, register now for the 2013 JCI Area Conferences in St. Louis, USA, Gaborone, Botswana, Monte Carlo, Monaco and Gwangju, Korea. 


Start making your travel plans and register for the 2013 JCI World Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

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