Actualités — May 30, 2013

Project of JCI Cotonou, Overcome the barrier

Local chapter, JCI Cotonou provides practical support to the best students. They are already fifty students, in two editions, to benefit from the project ???Overcome the Barrier??? initiated by the Junior Chamber International Cotonou.
The best students admitted to the ???Brevet de Technicien Sup??rieur (BTS)??? in Benin in 2011 and 2012 are not abandoned, at least not by the Junior Chamber International Cotonou. Through its project called ???Overcome the Barrier???, this local organization helps them concretely with trainings, scholarships and a training on job research techniques and leadership. First, training grants for ???licence professionnelle??? in institutions of higher education in Benin. It is through this offer by JCI Cotonou, to negotiate with private universities, training grants for each of the first of 22 training fields of ???Brevet de Technicien Sup??rieur??? in Benin. From 16 scholarships worth around eight million CFA francs for the first edition of the Project ???Overcome the Barrier??? in 2012, the JCI Cotonou was able to mobilize more than 10 million CFA francs, the equivalent of 22 scholarships for the second edition of the Project which was conducted by Mrs. Sabirath AMBEKEMA in 2013. Recipient of the first edition, this dynamic young lady got her ???licence???, integrated JCI Cotonou and has challenged to succeed and let other students to benefit from. So, ISMA, ESEP le berger, ESAE and IIM, private universities, have trusted her and her team, allowing them to achieve a feat by increasing the number of scholarships. Those scholarships collected and redistributed freely allowed students to continue their studies in sectors such ???licence??? in sectors like Marketing and Commercial Action, Business Management, Business Communications, etc.. But the negative point at this level is that the best in technical BTS fields such as telecommunications and insurance could not find places, because of lack of scholarships. The other aspect of this Project is the training. At this level, JCI Cotonou approached to companies from which it obtains work experiences. This is for the best of ???BTS???. This allows them to refine their knowledge and join the practice to the theory. Finally, the third part of the Project ???Overcome the Barrier??? is training for job research, personal development and leadership. It consists of the capacity building of winners on different topics enabling them to better cope with life by developing their intrinsic capabilities. ???This training helped me a lot. It allowed me to recognize my own skills and potential that I did not know. Thanks to the training, I overcome many barriers??? says Mrs. Sabirath. So, this is in recognition of these acquired skills she is given the challenge of leading the second edition. And it has been successful, according to the President of JCI Cotonou, Mr. Gildas Sehlin, speaking at the closing ceremony of the training phase of the Project. ???I hope that you are experienced enough to succeed in a job hunting. For those of you who want to start their own business, the entrepreneurs who trained you during this training, have built you??? he said to the winners. ???Keep in mind that training is the key to open the safe door of employment. You must know how to use it! ??? advised Mr. Gildas Sehlin. Same satisfaction from Mr. Djossouvi Basile, the President of JCI Benin.While congratulating the JCI Cotonou for its dynamism and efficiency, he invited to continue to ???celebrate excellence.??? But the Director of the Project ???Overcome the Barrier??? does not get into complacency. She wants that the JCI Benin that is already in partnership with the Governmental structures such as the National Employment Agency should support the best of ???BTS??? every year for a lasting impact. ???It would be a great way to promote excellence in a practical way???, she concluded.
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