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Register your 2014 Board of Directors in the JCI Online Directory

JCI National, Regional and Local Organizations should list their 2013 board officers and members for full access to all JCI services.

In 2013, many JCI organizations were able to take full advantage of all JCI services by registering their Boards of Directors and members in the online directory. As your Organization holds elections, don’t miss this important step as you hand over duties to the 2014 leadership.


During the 2013 calendar year, all 2013 Presidents at all levels should designate the incoming 2014 National, Regional or Local President. Only current Presidents have access to designate board officers. After December 31, 2013, the 2014 Presidents will gain access to the website editing privileges. 


Ensuring your registration as a member of your Local, Regional or National Board of Directors will allow you to:

  • Register members of your Organization
  • Edit the directory information of your Organization
  • Record your position in the My JCI Career section of the website

If you are a Local President and are not listed in the JCI online directory, please contact your JCI National Organization.


Current 2013 Presidents should follow the instructions below to activate members, add your board and list your 2014 JCI National, Regional or Local President to the JCI online directory:


1.    Login on using your username and password. If you forgot your password, request it by sending an e-mail to If you don’t have a login, you must create one. If you are not sure if you already have one, contact first, because creating a second login will block both accounts. To check if you already have a login, send e-mail to

2.    Click on MY JCI on the top menu and the click on the NAME of your National or Local Organization located on the left in the orange bar under the top menu.

3.    If you are a National or Regional President, click on your National Organization. Then refer to the left side bar and click on OFFICERS to add to your National Organization. Click on REGIONAL ORGANIZATIONS to activate officers. 

4.    If you are a Local President, clicking on the name of your Local Organization will take you to your Organization’s page and there you can Add an Officer by clicking on the link after MEMBERS. This is where you add the current board and your 2014 Local President.

5.    All members who have a login in the JCI database with date of birth, are JCI age and who have stated that they are a member of your Local Organization are listed on that page. The National or Local President has access to activate those who are active members. Those who don’t belong to the Local Organization anymore, are inactive or have the wrong Local Organization can be left as INACTIVE.


If you have any problems updating the directory or need any help from JCI, please contact 2013 Local Presidents must register their local board and 2014 Local President by December 31, 2013. 

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