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Celebrating Impact on JCI Active Citizen Day

From the United States to Botswana to Djibouti, JCI members and friends worldwide united to celebrate their unique responsibility to create a better world through community projects on December 11, 2013. 

Always focused on advancing the JCI Mission, Active Citizen Day provides JCI members, friends and partners time to reflect on the past, celebrate the impact of our present actions and look toward an exciting future. 


History of Active Citizen Day 

On December 11, 1944, 30 young active citizens from eight countries – Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and the United States – met in Mexico City to sign a declaration that led to the establishment of Junior Chamber International. In the wake of the Second World War, leading active citizens from these countries recognized that young people working for mutual understanding could prevent future atrocities like those seen during the war and build a better world. Today, Active Citizen Day commemorates that historic meeting and renews our commitment to creating positive change.


Throughout the years, JCI members have taken the opportunity of this day to organize projects in their communities. Now, 69 years later, JCI members continue to serve their communities by creating sustainable impact and expanding JCI’s global movement through local action.


JCI Botswana Shares the JCI Active Citizen Framework 

On JCI Active Citizen Day, members of JCI Kanye a Potential Local Organization of JCI Botswana hosted a workshop teaching community leaders and local officials about active citizenship through the JCI Active Citizen Framework. Attendees included local officials from the District Commissioners office, youth-led organizations, community-based organizations, the media and the city council. Participants in the workshop were divided into groups and focused on a community challenge facing the city of Kanye, and discussed how to address it using the steps of the Active Citizen Framework. One JCI member acted as the facilitator in each group leading the discussion and explaining the Active Citizen Framework to their group members. The group also celebrated the 25th Anniversary of JCI Botswana at the end of the workshop with cake and a few words from the 2013 JCI Botswana National President thanking everyone for their support and commitment throughout the year. 


JCI Djibouti Celebrates by Promoting Sustainability 

JCI Djibouti, a Potential National Organization, also united to create impact in their community on Active Citizen Day. In order to advance Millennium Development Goal (MDG) #7 to ensure environmental sustainability, these young active citizens organized a city cleanup day. They focused on trash cleanup, city beautification initiatives and used fliers as communication to promote these initiatives to all citizens. JCI members worked with the Office of Transportation as well as the City Department of Boulaos, a city in the southeastern region of the country right outside the capital. Involving support from these local partners and more, they expanded their impact and the project proved to be a great success. 


JCI World Headquarters Hosts the 2013 JCI Presidential Handover

2013 JCI President Chiara Milani of JCI Italy met with 2014 JCI President-elect Shine Bhaskaran of JCI India from December 9 to 11 at the JCI World Headquarters in St. Louis, USA. This annual tradition supports the incoming JCI President to smoothly transition into their year of leadership by continuing the positive change created the previous year and generating new ideas for a year of impact ahead. President Milani and President-elect Bhaskaran worked in conjunction with the JCI World Headquarters team to finalize a strong, focused plan for 2014. Next year is especially important as JCI embarks on an ambitious and exciting journey to be the organization that unites all sectors of society to create sustainable impact. President-elect Bhaskaran's slogan “Unite to Impact” encourages and motivates members to join together with a shared goal of impact to create a better world. Bhaskaran promises that 2014 will be a strong year focused on impact and creating a bright future for JCI members, partners and friends around the world.


Share your stories and projects from Active Citizen Day on the JCI Project Gallery to inspire others to keep creating impact. 


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