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2013 JCI President Chiara's Farewell Message

JCI President Chiara Milani makes her final address to JCI members, Senators, partners and friends worldwide after a successful year of Daring to Act for a better world. 

Dear fellow JCI members and Senators,

At the end of this life changing experience of being the JCI President, let me tell you that this year I met many politicians (from mayors to Head of States), successful business leaders (from owners of companies to Presidents of Chambers of Commerce) and opinion leaders of the civil society, and they all agree that the issues our world is facing nowadays, even the global economic crisis, are all related to a lack of Individual Social Responsibility. Youth empowerment must be at top of the agendas and only through cooperation between the three main sectors of the society (government, business and civil society) we can create sustainable solutions. This is why JCI will be the organization that unites all sectors of the society to create sustainable impact, as stated in the 2014-2018 JCI Strategic Plan. This is the future of our organization.


Will our task be easy? Not at all. It may seem too visionary. But as generations before us were visionary in creating a United European Currency or the United States of America, we too can be visionary. And while the UN, one of JCI’s main partners, increases collaboration between countries worldwide and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), another key partner of JCI, is uniting the business sector, nobody is uniting all sectors of the society. At least, not yet. We, JCI Members, must accept the responsibility to Dare to Act in order to Unite to Impact creating a better world. This is one of the main legacies of JCI in 2013. And I personally thank each and every one of you who made it possible.


Regarding me, considering that life is a matter of choices, I made mine. Daily choices, such as the choice to listen personally to each National President, the choice to innovate our communication and our largest annual JCI Event, the JCI World Congress, the choice of being not just a female President, but to remain feminine in how I thought, spoke, acted, dressed...and hugged. Also, the choice of simply being the JCI President. Choices based on which – if I can quote a famous song - today I can tell you that I did it my way, even when there was the risk that it was not popular, because the President must not do what is popular, but must do what is right.


As I told you in Rio de Janeiro, don't ask me if this year was easy or difficult; don't ask me if I ever missed my home, my husband, my job; don't ask if I ever felt tired or lonely. Don't ask me if it has ever been difficult to keep on smiling. Don't ask me if I ever wondered, why must everything happen in 2013? Just ask me, was it worth it? And I will tell you that sometimes, when you are lucky in your life, someone makes your day. And you, you have made my life!


I don't regret any day of the more than 13 years I spent so far in JCI. And I promise you, that even when Madam President will be retired, Chiara will continue to be here, for you, for what we believe in.


Merci à mes amis de la Francophonie. Gracias a mi queridos amigos que ablan espagnol. ???????????????????????????????????????Thanks to all my friends who speak English. E un grazie speciale ai miei amici italiani.


Now it's time to say goodbye, as true JCI members do: See you, somewhere, in the world!



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