Actualités — March 06, 2014

SMILING MONGOLIA nationwide project by JCI Mongolia

JCI Mongolia National Organisation launched the nationwide project called SMILING MONGOLIA on Saturday 15 February 2014 which will be implemented with official support from the City of Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia.
During the event, the National Organisation had introduced the project information to the Board of Directors of 8 Local Organisations of JCI Mongolia, which located in the Ulaanbaatar city. The next steps of the project will be done through the local projects of 11 Local Organisations by its 600 members in Mongolia. The purpose of the project is to promote for more positive approach in the society by one simple smile in the people???s everyday communication and interaction between each other. Moreover, the project will aim to improve the positive public attitude which will help the community to bring solutions to its ongoing social and economic problems. This nationwide project is planned to be continued for at least 5 years and the first actions are expected from the JCI Mongolia members involving more partners from different players of the society for better results soon. The National Organisation will continue promoting the project throughout the country starting from the official promotion of the project to the City of Ulaanbaatar which is expected to be in place in the coming weeks. For more details on the project or information on JCI Mongolia in local language, please refer to following website:
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