Actualités — July 22, 2014

Call to Action in a Time of Great Crisis

JCI, like the rest of the world, is following the escalating situation of the crisis in Ukraine with grave concern, especially as we as an organization have been affected by the passing of two JCI Belgium Senators and their son. 

The unfolding of the situation in Ukraine has escalated from conflict affecting one country to global crises that has now led to the senseless loss of innocent lives from unconnected countries. While we sympathize with the people of Ukraine, we must convey our condolences to the people of the Netherlands and Malaysia as well. Having learned of the passing of JCI Belgium Senators, Jan Noreilde, Annemieke Hakse and their son Steven, we would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to JCI Belgium for their tragic loss. 

As an organization that was founded on the dream of the establishment of everlasting peace, recent global crises have called into question this vision of our founders. We are deeply troubled by ongoing crises that have left our world in turmoil ranging from the conflict between Isreal and Palestine, to the civil war in Syria and unrest in Iraq. We are equally concerned about the abduction of schoolgirls in Nigeria and growing violence in central America. These issues are among many that remain unresolved in our world.


As JCI members from all over the world gather in New York City, USA for the 2014 JCI Global Partnership Summit, we seize this opportunity to appeal to all world leaders to take action now! We call for unprecedented collaboration to find solutions to these global challenges. It is imperative that all stakeholders of society, not just world leaders, including governements, businesses, and the members of civil society, get actively involved in finding common sense solutions to this global crisis.


We, as young active citizens and leaders of future, accept our responsbility to build a better world and reaffirm our commitment to engaging leaders at all levels. The time is now to respond to these acts of injustice and conflict with positive, peaceful solutions for a better tomorrow and a better world. 


Share your condolences for our members affected by these crises around the world the JCI Facebook page

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