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2014 JCI Asia-Pacific Conference

JCI members united in Yamagata, Japan to create sustainable positive change, focused on a better future and better world.

Assembling for the Mission

Held in the beautiful Hotel Metropolitan Yamagata, the 2014 JCI Asia-Pacific Conference began with the National Presidents meeting with 21 Presidents in attendance to discuss their local development and current achievements. The meeting, chaired by JCI Executive Vice President and Asia-Pacific Conference Chairman Ken Wong, showcased the progress of JCI Local Organizations in the Asia-Pacific region. Filled with excitement, delegates gathered for First Timers. JCI Vice President Alexander Tio and JCI Vice President Jon Per Persent educated them about their upcoming week of events and programs. In the evening, 8,000 enthusiastic delegates attended the Opening Ceremony. Honored to have the presence of Imperial Highness Princess Mako of Akishino, 2014 JCI President Shine Bhaskaran and Asia-Pacific Conference Chairman Ken Wong hosted ceremony declaring the Conference officially open. A lively welcome party followed the grand and entertaining Opening Ceremony. 


Developing Skills for Impact 

The next day of the Conference began with the JCI Morning Show where delegates enjoyed an energized and motivating performance. Special guest Margo Jacobs of the UN Foundation Nothing But Nets Senior Campaign officer spoke about the campaign and thanked JCI members for their continued support sending nets to save lives in sub-Saharan Africa. Other well-attended Conference events included General Assembly I, where four JCI Vice Presidents gave their detailed reports and shared valuable experiences in mentoring their assigned National Organizations. Foundation Chairman Takahiro Goto presented commemorative JCI Foundation pins to all honorable patrons, and six Asia-Pacific Development Council members were newly elected. 


During the third day of the Asia-Pacific Conference, the 2014 JCI World Public Speaking Championship Preliminary occurred. Competitors from seven different JCI Local Organizations spoke on the topic “young people are the key to creating sustainable impact in their communities”. The JCI World Debating Championship also took place. JCI Philippines, JCI Hong Kong, and JCI Bangladesh all debated on multiple issues, creating a lively and heated debate. The JCI Twinning ceremony was also held, signing seven new pairs of organizations to conduct joint initiatives expanding their impact.


Spreading Impact across Asia-Pacific 

During General Assembly II, 100th Anniversary of the JCI Movement Committee Chairperson Rania Haddad introduced the latest plan for JCI 100th Anniversary celebration in the upcoming year. She encouraged all JCI members to take part in the celebration and engage their communities in Project Impact 100, an initiative that encourages every Local Organization to conduct a community project impacting the lives of at least 100 people. The promotion of the MY World 2015 global survey had a great presence at the Conference as well. Delegates filled out commitment cards promising to encourage other citizens in their local communities to share their voice for a better world. Furthering the impact of this program, the Asia-Pacific Conference welcome special guest speaker, Deputy Director of the UN Millennium Campaign Falu Nije, who gave an inspiring address thanking JCI members for their hard work and explaining how important and exciting their participation in the MY World survey is to creating the post 2015 global development agenda. 


In the spirit of service, more than 3000 delegates helped promote the strength, solidarity and impressive reconstruction in response to the Tsunami disaster in 2011. The delegates truly enjoyed seeing the restored confidence and pride of the local communities still recovering and how they continue on a great path to creating a better community despite the disaster. 


Departing the Conference, delegates had a renewed look at the future, and were inspired to implement their new skills at the local level to take action for positive change. 


See you next year at the 2015 JCI Asia-Pacific Conference in Malaysia June 2 to 5! Congratulations to JCI Taiwan for hosting the 2016 JCI Asia-Pacific Conference. 


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