Actualités — March 31, 2015

Honoring the Work of Unsung Heroes

Written by JCI Acting Secretary General Arrey Obenson


March, like June and September are designated as JCI Impact months. In these months we recognize the incredible work of JCI members who through their projects touch lives and transform communities across the world.  


One can hardly be indifferent learning about the innovative and meaningful projects that are being reported by JCI Local and National Organizations around the world. Whether it is the ambitious mission of JCI India to build 1,000 toilets across the country, a clean water initiative by JCI Cambodia, a civic engagement endeavor in Mali or a health campaign in Mauritius, behind the success of these projects is the hard work of JCI members. These members are the unsung heroes of our time. They bear no titles, hold no positions and seek no recognition. They are simply passionate about the JCI Mission. They are active citizens. Their work can only be compared to what takes place when an ant colony builds a mound.


Worker ants build ant mounds; they excavate soil below ground during tunneling and deposit it above ground, thus forming the mound. An ant mound is built to protect the entire colony. Each ant carries a tiny bit of dirt, climbing to the surface of the mound to deposits the dirt and returns below for more. Each ant worker plays its part, selflessly building what ends in a spectacular ant mound. Watching the ants at work reveals their level of dedication and cooperation, each one knowing clearly what role they must play to get the expected outcome. Each one of these worker ants is a hero to the colony and yet none of them seek recognition or a title, they know the role they must play for the survival of the colony.


This March, we recognize and praise the work of thousands of JCI members who, like the ant workers, play their part to make this organization strong in communities across the world. In doing your part you not only make JCI strong, but you also develop yourself as an active citizen; you become a community leader and grow extraordinarily. Your work strengthens our communities, creates opportunities and empowers other young people to act. Even more meaningful in the year where we celebrate 100 years of impact, your work sustains a legacy of impact created by young people like you who have made an impact in the lives of others for generations. This is your time and you are creating positive change across communities in an impressive manner. Thank you! Through your work, JCI will continue to be the organization that unites all sectors of society to create sustainable impact.



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