Actualités — April 24, 2015

JCI Recognizes World Malaria Day with Reaffirmation

April 25th is a day to celebrate progress in the fight against Malaria and commit to making even greater impact. Whether it be through honoring lives lost or lives saved in the fight, World Malaria Day is a day to recognize these individuals and especially the efforts being made globally to control the disease.

In 2006 the UN Foundation started the Nothing But Nets campaign to raise awareness and funding to fight malaria, the leading cause of death among children in Africa. 


It was in 2008 that JCI joined the fight and partnered with the UN Foundation to help advance this worthy cause. Through this partnership, JCI, the UN and partners have fought to save lives and have succeeded; however the fight is far from over. 


“We as an organization have contributed to the campaign by creating awareness, innovative projects and distributing nets. We will keep our commitment until we eradicate malaria,” said 2015 JCI President Ismail Haznedar.


Individuals should celebrate World Malaria Day by reaffirming past commitments and making new ones, because the work will not be done until children are no longer dying of this devastating disease. 


JCI has joined in the UN Foundation’s newest cause, protecting displaced refugee families in sub-Sahara Africa from malaria. This is part of their 2-year Million Nets Pledge campaign to protect those recovering from displacement, so that they can lead healthy lives and prosper in their new homes. 


“As someone who originates from a malaria-infested country, I know the disastrous consequences of this preventable disease. It is immensely gratifying to see how much progress we have made in reducing the number of malaria deaths. If we stay on this course, reaffirm our commitment and act on it, we can overcome this disease,” said JCI Acting Secretary General, Arrey Obenson. 


It is only through the passion and hard work of active and engaged individuals, that ambitious goals such as these can be achieved.


There is no better time to act than now and send a net to save a life. 


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