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Announcing the March JCI Special Recognition Program Winners

Congratulations to five JCI Local Organizations for their Impact Projects creating positive change on the local level to advance the first stage of community development, health and wellness. 


JCI Special Recognition Program 

The JCI Special Recognition Program provides an outlet to share best practices and foster an environment where JCI members are motivated to create positive change. Motivation is important to achieving the JCI Mission because tackling the challenges of today requires empowered, passionate global citizens ready to take action. Sharing your story of impact and examples of action-oriented, sustainable solutions not only motivates other citizens around the world, but also provides a foundation for fellow members to use your successful ideas in their own communities. Highlighting great stories of impact through this program increases our ability to learn from each other’s efforts and endeavors to build a better world together. 


Criteria for a Winning JCI Special Recognition Impact Project 

The winning projects were submitted to the JCI Project Gallery from January 1 to March 31. The JCI Special Recognition committee viewed all submissions, judging them based on the criteria outlined by the program guidelines. Projects needed to be conducted using the JCI Active Citizen Framework advancing the first stage of community development, health and wellness, as well as provide visual accompaniments such as photos, videos, promotional materials and/or results of media coverage. 


Congratulations to the Winning Health and Wellness Impact Projects

The following JCI Local Organizations are recognized for their hard work and dedication to creating sustainable positive change in their communities through needs-based, action-oriented projects. Each of these projects meets the criteria of the JCI Special Recognition Program and advances the first stage of community development, health and wellness. 



AIDS Free Campus Campaign

JCI University of Buea of JCI Cameroon aimed to bring awareness to and educate the University community and students on HIV/AIDS and prevention. During this initiative, a public lecture on HIV/AIDS was held as well as a distribution of contraceptives. On December 1, World AIDS Day, members from the University of Buea Associations assembled for a ceremony centered around the theme “Zero Discrimination, Zero New Infection, Zero AIDS Related Death.” The AIDS Free Campus Campaign lasted two days and tested 820 people and educated over 5000 people on HIV/AIDS. After monitoring the results, the prevalence of HIV found at the University of Buea was 0.5%.


Lutte contre le paludisme

JCI Libreville Iboga of JCI Gabon wanted to take part in World Malaria Day by helping their community eradicate malaria as well as raise awareness around the rest of the world. In order to do this, they helped distribute insecticide-treated bed nets and t-shirts, along with exterminating pests in their community to help prevent the spread of infected mosquitos. They also produced banners and flyers to educate community members on how to prevent malaria to help lower the number of victims of this disease. 


Road Safety

JCI Suratkal of JCI India found a need to educate youth on road safety. Therefore, they brought a police officer to the local school to speak on this subject to more than 200 students. The children were educated on their duties and responsibilities while using the road and how to enhance their safety. JCI Suratkal also created posters to circulate to school authorities to help ensure students are following these safety measures to ensure their wellness is not impacted by dangerous driving. 


Let’s Save 100 Lives

JCI Chaktomuk of JCI Cambodia held their first blood drive in order to save lives and celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the JCI Movement by completing a JCI Project Impact 100. The blood drive was attended by JCI Cambodia members, Phnom Penh International University students and the general public. Overall, 32 packs of blood were donated by the participants. The local newspaper, online news outlet and three TV channels published the event. Through this event, JCI Chaktomuk has inspired the motivation of individuals around the community to encourage family and friends to participate in donating blood. 


No Más Violencia

JCI Encarnación of JCI Paraguay wanted to create impact in their community by combating domestic violence, providing comprehensive care to women and distributing information materials about domestic violence. In collaboration with volunteers from JCI Encarnación, the JCI Encarnación Office Training Center was made into a permanent establishment where women can visit to receive comprehensive care. JCI Encarnación aims to find a sustainable solution, focused on raising awareness of domestic abuse in their community. In this program, JCI Encarnación has provided visibility on this social reality and demonstrated the lack of information on how these traumas affect women and children.


Congratulations to these five JCI Local Organizations for their outstanding actions to create sustainable impact in their communities advancing health and wellness. 


Keep a look out for the JCI Special Recognition Program’s June Impact Month winners, with projects focused on advancing the second stage of community development, education and economic empowerment. 


Watch and share the JCI Active Citizen Framework and three stages of community development videos


Submit your Impact Projects that focus on the third stage of community development, peace, prosperity and sustainability, to the JCI Project Gallery as September Impact Month approaches. 

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