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2016 JCI Board of Directors Prepare for a Year of Creating Peace

During the 2016 JCI January Board Meeting, JCI’s newly elected international leaders from around the globe came together for a week of meetings, planning and trainings to prepare for their year in office and to launch JCI’s next century of impact. 


The Board Meeting was hosted by JCI World Headquarters and held from January 11 – 16 in St. Louis, USA. Each year, the members of the JCI Board of Directors gather in January to establish goals and action steps, while gaining the skills and motivation for their upcoming year of travel and visits. 


Just Act 

On the first day of the Board Meeting, 2016 JCI President Paschal Dike and Secretary General Arrey Obenson welcomed the Board of Directors to the Birthplace of the JCI Movement. During a morning motivational session, both President Dike and Secretary General Obenson encouraged the Board to focus on why they are serving as international JCI Officers and what their purpose for the year is. 


During the afternoon, they toured the city of St. Louis, taking in views of the iconic St. Louis Arch as well as a drive through the much talked about Ferguson, Mo., the location of an event which prompted a conversation concerning the United States criminal justice system and the lack of human dignity while also sparking international attention.  


The next morning, the Board visited the grave of JCI founder Henry Giessenbier Jr., to pay tribute to the JCI Movement and his vision of an everlasting world peace. 


The meeting continued with Board training sessions that included topics such as Financial Planning and Fund Development, Tools and Resources and to conclude a Strategic Planning and Implementation Session led by 2012 JCI President Bertolt Daems. 


In the evening the Board was introduced to the Peace is Possible campaign during the Peace is Possible Forum. The forum hosted four leaders from a variety of organizations in St. Louis who work toward creating peace and overcoming poverty; the participants discussed the barriers and solutions to the greatest challenges we face on our mission to achieve an everlasting world peace. Following the forum, both the Board and JCI World Headquarters staff participated in the JCI Poverty Simulation. The simulation gives participants an insight into what living in poverty is like and the challenges those living in poverty face daily. The simulation was altered to affect a more diverse audience by incorporating global issues into the simulation including acts of violence and the refugee crisis. 


The following day Board members participated in a full day of extensive training and skills development sessions. As international officers who will travel to spread the message of JCI, the Board first received an engaging presentation on how to give a successful presentation by a professional trainer from Dale Carnegie Training; they also received one-on-one time with the trainer to practice these newly learned skills and techniques. The Board also spent the day learning how to overcome challenges in their assigned JCI Areas and National Organizations and how to successfully implement the 2016 JCI Plan of Action. These in-depth sessions provided the Board the opportunity to further develop their skills for their one year to lead and define their concrete plans for the year.


The final two days of January Board Meeting were busy with important organizational discussions and decisions being made during the 2016 JCI Executive Committee Meeting and 2016 JCI Board of Directors Meeting. 


The new officers concluded their week feeling inspired and motivated to create positive change and make peace a possibility around the world. 


Stay up to date on President Dike’s travels to JCI National and Local Organizations across the globe. To see if he will be visiting your country soon, like him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter. 


Plan Your Year of Travel

During the 2016 JCI Board of Directors Meeting, one of the topics discussed was 2016 JCI Events. It will be during these events that JCI members receive tools and knowledge and the opportunity to connect with JCI members from their Area to help them advance the JCI Mission in their communities. 


Start making your travel plans with these important dates. 


2016 JCI Conference of the Americas in Punta del Este, Uruguay April 27 – 30 

2016 JCI Africa and the Middle East Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa       May 4 – 7 

2016 JCI Asia-Pacific Conference in Kaohsiung, Taiwan June 2 – 5 

2016 JCI European Conference in Tampere, Finland June 15 – 18 

2016 JCI Academy in Mito City, Japan June 30 – July 10

2016 JCI Global Partnership Summit in New York City, USA June 25 – 28 

2016 JCI World Congress in Québec City, Canada October 30 – November 4 



It is never too early to plan your travels to attend 2016 JCI Area Conferences, the 2016 Global Partnership Summit and the 2016 JCI World Congress.


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Visit the JCI Facebook page to see photos from this collaborative and exciting 2016 JCI January Board Meeting. 

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