Actualités — June 20, 2016

JCI Turkey Breaks Down Barriers to Peace

JCI members around the world have begun taking action for peace. Peace comes in many forms, and the actions taken to sustain peace are unique to each and every community. Whether focusing on partnerships that unite ideas to take action or teaching children how good hygiene can create healthier and happier environments, JCI members are mobilizing peace globally. JCI Turkey members identified the needs in their communities and their Local Organizations are now taking action to make peace possible. 


JCI Avrasya has started the first phase of its new project “Tale of a Fairy Library.” The project is working to transcend borders by reflecting the idea that children who read traditional stories from across the world can better understand different cultures. By understanding other cultures the next generation will be one that is united. The collection of traditional storybooks has begun and the books will be used to build a children’s storybook library in the Nesin Vakfi school in Istanbul, Turkey. By gathering these books and sharing them with children, JCI Turkey members are uniting individuals in a common purpose and breaking down barriers to peace. 


JCI Bodrum created the project “Free Beach Against Obstacles,” to break down the walls that confined disabled citizens in the community and today’s society. The project focused on empowering the disabled by building a handicap accessible beach in Bodrum, Turkey, where disabled citizens could freely visit and feel unrestrained by their disabilities. By working together with the Bodrum City Municipality and Bodrum Health Foundation, the project became a reality and provided disabled individuals access to the beach with specialized equipment. The project has helped these citizens gain freedom and has inspired many to help in creating a world free of obstacles — a world where all citizens are equal.   


JCI Kadikoy and JCI Megapol launched their project “Her Zaman Her Yerde,” to represent that peace is possible anytime and anywhere. The project was launched with a peace picnic that brought together Turkish and Syrian families to bridge cultures and foster harmony and peace. During the peace picnic, children colored peace doves and participants joined in conversation with their neighbors bringing those from different cultures together for a day of positive messages and joy. “Her Zaman Her Yerde” will continue to provide opportunities for those in the community to unite and learn about the importance of peace in fostering human relationships. 


At a time when peace is needed now more than ever, JCI Turkey has initiated change in local communities, addressing the greatest challenges of the country. Learn more about JCI Turkey initiatives on the JCI Turkey Facebook page. 


You can make your commitment to take action for peace at


Share your commitment with your online network by adopting the campaign on social media by using #PeaceIsPossible and visiting


Whether it is through starting a new local project in your community, sharing JCI’s history and vision of peace or encouraging like-minded organizations to join the movement, it is our responsibility as young active citizens to encourage people around the world to join the conversation and take action for peace in their communities today. 


Begin to take action for peace by downloading the Peace is Possible campaign toolkit.

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