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Be Messengers of Peace

I hope that we, as Junior Chamber members, can show the world that it is possible to make a positive difference in this mad World. Kim Hoegh 2001 National President Junior Chamber Denmark *** Our belief in the Creed and the Mission of J
I hope that we, as Junior Chamber members, can show the world that it is possible to make a positive difference in this mad World. Kim Hoegh 2001 National President Junior Chamber Denmark *** Our belief in the Creed and the Mission of Junior Chamber should be strengthened by this event. We need world peace now more than ever in the immediate history of our organization. We need more people who believe in the values that have made our members model citizens since early in this century. Whilst your nation mourns over the loss of life and property, may you remember that we in Malaysia are with you in your suffering, and that we shall together rise to work harder towards a peaceful global community. With heartfelt condolences, Ngui Ing Ing Senatorship No. 60380 2001 National President Junior Chamber Malaysia *** Since I have been visiting the States for more than twenty years, it was as if my own family had been attacked. I hope and pray that justice will conquer. Tineke Bezemer Senator 47162 President 2000-2001 Association of JCI Senators in Europe *** French Junior Chamber members are very affected by the terrible events of last Tuesday. You may rest assured that we are all with you, and you are in our prayers. You may also rest assured that we will do our best to help you. So do not hesitate to ask us if you need anything: blood or anything else. With all our friendship, Isabelle Gille National President Junior Chamber France *** Thank you to everyone for your overwhelming concern and support in this crisis that has hit our country… The one common good that will come from this tragedy is that it will strengthen our country and our brotherhood. The inspiring music, signs, and the American flags being displayed in our hometowns across this country are boosting patriotism and morale. Keep this country's leaders in your thoughts and prayers as they search for answers. Help wherever you can when called upon. Now, more than ever, we need to live out the last line of the Jaycee Creed: that service to humanity is the best work of life. Denny DeGroot 30th President United States JCI Senate *** It really makes me proud that we are THE organization promoting positive change in this world, which underscores our importance in today's society. The rest of the world needs to know that change can be enacted in a positive, non-violent manner and that membership in this organization can teach them the skills necessary to do so. I have sent a message of condolence to US Junior Chamber President Sydney Ward, and it is copied here for your information: Dear President Ward: Please accept, on behalf of myself and everyone else in the Canadian Junior Chamber, our deepest condolences on the recent terrorist activities. Undoubtedly many, many people have been injured, lives have been lost, and the future will never be quite the same again. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. If there is anything, anything at all that, we can do to assist, please do not hesitate to think of letting us know. We see ourselves as your closest and dearest neighbors and will do whatever we can to assist in this hour of need. Tracy DesLaurier 66th National President Canadian Junior Chamber *** A nation blessed with resilience and spiritual fortitude The heads of local consulates—and the leaders of their nations—express their condolences to the United States and its citizens: In these horrifying circumstances, the entire people of France—and I want to emphasize this—stand by the people of America. They express their friendship and solidarity in this tragedy. France has always condemned, and unreservedly condemns, terrorism and considers that terrorism must be combated by all possible means. Jacques Chirac Former Junior Chamber Member and President of France *** We Must Be Messengers of Peace Heartfelt messages of sympathy, support and solidarity from Junior Chamber members around the world have poured into the JCI Headquarters. In press conferences and a special address to the German Junior Chamber’s national convention, JCI President Georges Bouverat appealed for members worldwide to pray for the victims and their families. The tragic terrorist attacks against the United States on September 11 had killed thousands of innocent people, leaving their relatives and their country in mourning. He stressed that now, as never before in our history, every member of Junior Chamber International must promote the fundamental values of our organization—mutual understanding and world peace. He said it is critically important that Junior Chamber builds bridges of understanding uniting people everywhere, people of every religion, nationality, race, belief and economic level. Bouverat described Junior Chamber’s members as young people between 18 and 40 who represent a vast diversity of races, faiths, nationalities, cultures and economic levels in more than 100 countries and territories. “Yet they are united by strong bonds of fraternity and fellowship; they work together in harmony striving to improve themselves, their communities and their world; they do this proactively as Entrepreneurs in Action promoting freedom and free enterprise,” he added. He indicated that their ultimate goal is to achieve a permanent, everlasting world peace and that, as young leaders, they are role models, Messengers of Peace, inspiring others to have faith, hope, and courage. He warned that the greatest threat to the world is the hatred and evil that may escalate further. The President said Junior Chamber must ensure that whatever happens next does not endanger, anymore than it already has, our precious peace and the lives of untold millions on this globe. Junior Chamber members from every corner of the world share President Bouverat’s compassion and concern, as their messages touchingly showed on JCI’s website at Giving Blood and Much More Members across the country have run blood drives and provided manpower to assist their local Red Cross. They participated in fund-raising efforts to contribute to the U.S. Jaycees Foundation-Victim Relief Fund. Americans, Junior Chamber Members and people around the world gained courage and determination from the heroic rescue workers, fire fighters and police officers who charged into the heart of danger giving their lives to save others. Project Red, White, and Blue was organized by Pennsylvania Junior Chamber on September 13 as a day to tie bright red, white, and blue ribbons around telephone poles to show unity and spirit throughout the nation. Each ribbon color had a special purpose: red to remember the lives lost and bloodshed; white to represent a desire for peace; and blue to show the strength of Americans; with all three together symbolizing the American flag and pride. Canadian Junior Chamber carried out a “Ribbons for World” Peace campaign, tying red and white ribbons to hydro poles and lamp posts. Red symbolized the loss of life and white, the hope for permanent world peace. New York and Adams County Jaycees conducted Project 9/11 collecting disaster relief items as well as monetary donations for The Salvation Army. The spirit and togetherness of U.S. Jaycees as community leaders was demonstrated by wearing red, white and blue clothing, displaying the American flag, and conducting candle-lit vigils and commemorative programs. Junior Chamber members, Americans across the nation and people who care about freedom around the world flew the American flag with pride and determination: tiny flags on lapels and shirts; a huge one on the wall of the scarred Pentagon. At Buckingham Palace, an American flag unfurled as the band played the Star-Spangled Banner on orders from Queen Elizabeth. All throughout Europe bells tolled at noon on Friday, September 14, for three-minutes of silence. Great crises rally Americans and the defenders of freedom, liberty and free enterprise. These recent attacks on innocent civilians with more than 6,500 dead and presumed dead welded them together in fierce determination. The free world joined America in unflinching support and solidarity. People from more than 50 nations perished in the terrorist attacks. The British lost 250 in the World Trade Center, the French had 139 employees in a brokerage firm on the 92nd floor of the North Tower; Mexico lost 500; Bangladesh, 50. From Japan, 100 Japanese including dozens of tourists were missing, and 31 Japanese companies and 18 Chinese organizations had offices in the World Trade Center. For the first time in its history, NATO invoked Article 5, which states an attack on any member constitutes an attack on all. From Iceland to Korea millions paused to mourn and reflect. Millions of people gathered on Friday, September 14, to express sympathy and solidarity with America, including 200,000 who went to the heart of Berlin to show that the U.S. would not stand alone against terrorism. In the crisis aftershocks, members in the United States and around the world strongly promoted Henry Giessenbier’s vision of an everlasting world peace and the special values contained in the JCI Creed and Declaration of Principles: ? Faith in God ? The Brotherhood of Man ? Entrepreneurs in Action! ? Individual freedom and dignity ? Government of laws ? Economic justice through free enterprise ? The value of human personality ? Service to humanity In 1987, the United Nations designated Junior Chamber International as a Peace Messenger organization. This honor brought with it a deep responsibility to continue to foster the peaceful coexistence of nations. Today, as never before, we are challenged to fulfill our leadership role as Messengers of Peace. The best memorial to those who perished would be to achieve a safer, saner, and more secure world. Junior Chamber can help. As JCI President Georges Bouverat urged all members in his special September 14 Friday Focus, entitled We Must Be Peace Messengers: “Let us be united in our shared hope, faith, fellowship, values, and indomitable quest for world peace.” JCI USA Relief Fund JCI will collect donations for the JCI USA Relief Fund from National Presidents who will bring contributions from individual members and chapters to Barcelona for a special presentation during General Assembly.
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