Beat Diabetes Campaign


Vijay Harankhede


juin 2, 2017


18 -75 year Citizens

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Objectif de développement durable

Accès à la santé


To provide Random Blood Sugar Test and Diabetes awareness.


JCI in collaboration with ANUYASH Health Foundation, Pune organized a event of FREE Random Blood Sugar Test and Diabetes awareness campaign by JCI JCI NAGPUR President HGF Jc. Vijay Harankhede , Project director Jc. Dharni Patle and other LGB members where present for the event i.e. our IPP JFP Girish Warhare , Secretary – HGF Jc. Brijmohan Tiwari, VP MO HGF Jc Vishal Darwai, VP IO HGF Jc Bharti Warhare , Treasure HGF JC Swaraj Tembhe, Jcrt. Chairpersons Jc. Nalini Bais , PRO/Editor Jc. Punit Bahal

Actions Taken

1) Multi LOM Meeting with members.
2) Search the locations and dedicated a local place where as many as visit the place and decided one of the garden in the cipty.


All the people present there were very happy and excited to get their test done.They were eager to know more about diabetes and how it affects our body and how to prevent it with proper diet and exercises. They were asking all sorts of questions about how to improve their lifestyle and keep sugar in balancePolice team which came was very happy to get their tests done and also get information about how to handle their stressfull lifestyle and keep their blood sugar and blood pressure in check over all everyone said that the event was a huge success and we should do more camps like this in future.


70 police officers including P.I of Rana Pratap Nagar police station and 398 common citizens attended the camp where they get check-ups from Dieticians

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