Education Ace


Tobias Schuhmacher


mars 21, 2011


Enterprises and Initiatives as well as the educated young people

People impacted



The most important funds in a modern industrial society is well trained and educated personell. Young people without training post have no chance to get a good education and to find a good job. They are lost for business. That is why JCI Germany awards that price to enterprises and initiatives for their extraordinary committment in education.


Enterprises and initiatives can apply for the Education Ace in three categories: Industry & Commerce; Trade; Education Initiatives. The jury judges about an extraordinary committment, about nonstandard ways of education as well as about the committment of the appliants for young people that need a special education.

Soutenez notre impact! Les dons financent de nombreux projets nationaux et internationaux contribuant à la formation, au développement et à des changements durables et positifs à travers le monde.