"Run for Iloilo River" by JCI Dinagyang


Cristina Gemora


octobre 24, 2011


all Ilonggos

People impacted



The RUN FOR ILOILO RIVER is the first of the many projects that in the long run will benefit all Ilonggos. It aims to awaken the hearts and minds of Ilonggos and drive them to become owners and stewards of the River. We believe that “boundaries don’t protect rivers, people do”.


The Iloilo River is a 15-kilometer estuary winding through the whole City of Iloilo and is the artery supplying the lifeblood of the City. Over thousands of years, the Iloilo River has linked the residents to their livelihood, transportation, education, commerce and many other dimensions of life. It is a historic witness to the development of Iloilo City to what it is now today. Now, the Iloilo River is facing contamination, declining volume of dissolved oxygen, depletion of mangrove areas, encroachment of manmade structures, siltation, so much more. It has in fact, become the largest and oldest sewer of Iloilo City. In line with the mission and vision of Junior Chamber International, JCI Metro Iloilo Dinagyang Chapter undertook to do their part to rehabilitate and keep Iloilo River from further decay.


According to the numerous feedback from various groups and individuals, it is highly recommended that "Run for Iloilo River" project be held as an annual event.


The Ilonggo community's river advocacy consciousness was awakened by the run event. Various river clean-ups were held, and trainings and capacity building for affected river settlers were organized. Lastly,we were able to generate a notable net profit from the run.

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