Shainaz Shariff


juin 27, 2017


people of Vasco

People impacted



This project " one step towards cleanliness" is a long term SUSTAINABLE PROJECT. the Objectives of this sustainable project are: 1)To keep The Beach which is one of the important beaches in Vasco-da-gama Town Clean. 2)to inculcate among the youth the values of cleanliness and clean surroundings 3)To involve the public as well as the children to clean the beach and surrounding areas and imbibe the values of Cleanliness and keeping the beach clean.


Hollant Beach is one of the most important beaches of Vasco town.but over the due course of time the beach has been neglected and ignored. Slums have been developed all around the beach. These slums have made the beach dirty.it has been neglected and dirtied time and again. None of the organisations or people have tried to clean up the beach. JCI Vasco decided of taking up this initiative of cleaning up the Baina Beach with the help of local people and slum children. Every month one Beach cleanliness Drive is taken up by JCI Vasco involving the Junior jaycees and cleaning u on the whole stretch of the Beach.


Such an impactful project requires more corporate partners as well as the partnerships of NGOs who would help JCI conduct this project as a sustainable project


In the long run the people themselves will try to keep the Beaches in Vasco town clean and green especially the children and junior jaycees who have learnt so much through this project.

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