Kök Hücre Donörü Ol, Bir Hayatın Yıldızı Ol ! Be Stem Cell Donor, Be a Star of Life ! Bodrum National Leadership Summit Donor Event


Hasibe Bağ


juin 8, 2017


Children and Adults / All Around The World

People impacted



Stem cell is the solution of cancer, is kind of password which is being searched all around the world by cancer patients. Our project aim is making aweraness of importance of being donor of stem cell and showing people how easy to save a life only by sharing stem cell code with red crescent. Another purpose is breking down prejudice of risks which is believed caused of being donor. one of other main purpose is informing people the methods of being donor which is very easy with last technology.


1.Informing, what is stem cell and what is it for?2.Informing, how to be donor in easiest way?3.Making Awareness of importance of being donor!4.Making Events to Red Crescent Stations with groups of people

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