Funda Síller


juin 13, 2017


JCI Istanbul Directors and JCI Istanbul who are looking for a team for their projects

People impacted



PROJEKTOR The main objectives of our activity are as follows: 1. Every year JCI Istanbul New candidate to take part in projects and work Reaching the potential of the members, contributing to the human power of the projects 2. Planned through participating companies from different companies and business groups Projects, and events (sponsorship, organization, Publicity, etc.) come to help organizations 3.Who wanted to know about JCI Istanbul and its activities and It is a project for those who intend to become members. We are first introducing tell our candidates with JCI vision and mission.İmportant for who are in the process of joining JCI. Briefly; We tell JCI why they should become a member. 4.We meet people who have never met JCI, who are aware of projector activity through social media or reference. We try to persuade people who have never known JCI to become candidate members.


2017 PROJEKTOR realized in the year of the house of the Coach Incubation Center. PROJEKTOR event President Funda Siller s presentation with Whats JCI started. Then the Director of each project comes to the scene, Why do they want to introduce themselves to the Project They explained. All Directors are invited to attend another Passing on the prepared project presentation tables, interested in the Prğoject. Have the opportunity to meet and present one-to-one with participants. Participants, All the questions on their minds are communicated to the Directors and for participation in JCI projects. Participants can participate in more than one Project. And thus included in project teams established at the beginning of the year

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