International Certified Unifying Leadership Training Program (Conflict & Crisis Management)


Namik Ozer Senol


juin 11, 2017


JCI Members and Their Friends

People impacted



Providing knowledge and know-how from experienced trainers to youth by 4 months training series in selected subjects in order to create more impact and empower youth in Turkey. Providing them an International Certificate to support their career progresses.


Researches prove that extraordinary leaders of 21st Century need skills that make them unifying leaders. They focus on solutions rather than problems, they aren’t self benefit oriented but develop their team and organizations to grow together, they share knowledge and experience instead of dominating the power and they include their team into vision, missions and decisions to create long term loyalty and sustainable relations. JCI Bogazici started this very unique program with GMN Turkey to improve those qualities. The program has 4 days training including the following titles: 1.Principled Negotiation 2.Conflict & Crisi Management 3.Diplomacy Tools & Grassroot Diplomacy 4.Unifying Leadership


After the success of the first program ran between March-June 2017, GMN Turkey & JCI Bogazici decided to repeat this project between September-December 2017, too.

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