Training on Eco Friendly Agriculture


Philip Changko


juin 19, 2017


Members of JCI Beau-Bassin/Rose-Hill, beneficiaries from the BYB Project

People impacted



The objectives of the project are as follows: To empower the beneficiaries of our Build your business Project and Entreprendre Feminin de L'Ocean Indien on eco friendly and sustainable agriculture and how to further develop their agricultural land


The course on sustainable agriculture is part of our main project Developing Entrepreneurship at Grassroot level which aims to empower women to launch their own business and teach them about the various aspects of marketing and managing a business. To ensure sustainability of the project our partner EFOI has put forward a plot of land where the beneficiaries can develop as part of their business. The course on sustainable and eco friendly agriculture is an initiative which aims to to teach the beneficiaries about sustainable and eco friendly agriculture


Recommendations are to market the course more to the beneficiaries of Entreprendre Feminin de L'Ocean Indien to encourage them to attend the course.


Overall the beneficiaries learnt about sustainable and eco friendly agriculture and what to plant on the land that is made available to them.

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