Circle Care 2017: Empower Women . Impact the World


Ho Yee Julie Yiu


From janvier 1 to août 6, 2017


Working women

Target avg age


People impacted


Objectif de développement durable

Accès à la santé

Development stage

Health and Wellness


PROMOTE work-life balance for women and EMPOWER WOMEN to go for a diversified-active- joyful life.


With Over 1,900,000 working women in Hong Kong, combining a family with a
career. Physical exhaustion is a permanent fact of life for most working women
as they try to juggle childcare, housework and the demands for the career.
Personal time and time with their partners or family are being luxury. Women
are facing work-life pressure and even have no way to strike a balance.

In the society, there are lack of program which is aimed at promoting all
rounded balanced life for women in person and in Enterprises. In order to
enhance and deepen the sphere of influence to promote diversified-active-
joyful life for women, the very comprehensive project namely Circle Care

Actions Taken

Series of Facebook Games
Circle Care Global Declaration
Survey on Women's Lifestyle and Life Satisfaction


1. Number of Participants
- Motivate over 450 individuals from JCs or public attended our events
- Motivate over 500 local and global enterprises signed the ‘’Circle Care
Global Declaration’’, such as ROYCE’, AMAZON, Saint Honore.

2. Number of Supporting companies and organizations
- Connect over 35 supporting organizations and companies with great
support in different kind of sponsorship and promotion

3. Number of Public Figure invited
- Connect 9 public figure by inviting as guest speaker in this program
without paid

4. Number of Media exposures
Over 7 printed and online local and foreign media included Oriental Daily
Newspaper, Apple Daily and Canada Sing Tao etc. with coverage of 3,000,000
readers and online readers promoting Circle Care vision and building a positive
brand image of JCIHK and JCI Bauhinia.

5. Online Marketing and Facebook Game
- Circle Care Facebook page reach a 300% growth in number of followers
- First person in JCI HK to hold a series of Facebook games campaign with
sponsoring company to promote Circle Care in online world

6. Recognition by the Government
- Circle Care received certificate of commendation in “Award Scheme in
Promoting Women’s Economic Empowerment” co-organized by the
Women's Commission and the Labour and Welfare Bureau
- We gain different Government sectors’ support: The Labour and Welfare
Bureau, Women's Commission, Family Council, The Equal Opportunities
Commission and Ms. Scarlett Pong, BBS, JP (the past Ten Outstanding Youth
Person, District Council representatives in Shatin) fully support the program
by taking the role as our honorary advisor.


1. With so many recognitions from the Government and Society, Circle Care
should keep as flagship program of JCI Bauhinia. The scheme should extend to
International Corporations, all Small & Medium Enterprise, Non-
Governmental Organization, and Schools & Non Profits, with more enterprises
joined by signing the “Circle Care Global Declaration”.

2. Should expand the partnership with more different parties, corporations
and public figures. So that the program could develop into a sustainable
solution to the society and become a branding as a lady chapter.

3. To echo the vision of Women’s Commission, we should deepen the
partnership with government sectors to develop more impact to society

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