"May-Play 2017"


Linda Howald


From décembre 1, 2016 to mai 31, 2017


Integration of refugee children

Target population


Target avg age


Objectif de développement durable

Partenariats pour la realization des objetifs

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


integrate and foster friendsips between refugee and Swiss children


"May-Play 2017" is a project that aims to integrate and foster friendships between refugee children living in camps and special housing and children of the community even outside of school. Furthermore, the project aims to show all the children diversity and open them up to an exchange with the different cultural backgrounds.

The project brings together children of the same age (11 – 14 years old) and shows what the “Pfadi” (scouts) do and how much fun they can all have together. The “Pfadi” are an essential part of almost every childhood in Switzerland starting as young as 5 years old until they are 17 years old.

JCI Bern and Kiwanis Bern-Baeregraben started working on an idea of a project with refugee children in December 2016. The idea was to show these children a part of swiss culture but also let the community of Berne profit from an exchange between children of the same age. The team was equally made up of Kiwanis and JCI members and they could get another strong partner to work with them the “Pfadicorps Patria Bern”.

Short-term goal: Bring the children together and let them bond with fun activities
Long-term goal: Foster friendships and an exchange -> integrate the children


Due to the success of the project on both sides (refugee children and “Pfadi” children) the event will be carried out again in fall 2017 with the project team of Kiwanis Bern-Baeregraben, Pfadicorps Patria Bern and JCI Bern coming together again. Friendships has been fostered and all the children have had a precious exchange with different cultural backgrounds.


JCI Bern can recommend this type of Event to all other JCI LOM's. It has been a good Chance to help to integrate the children and learn something about our culture.

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