2017 Walk for Autism


Sue Sem Yap


avril 30, 2017


Sandakan citizen

Target population


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People impacted


Objectif de développement durable

Réduction des inégalités

Development stage

Health and Wellness


The purpose of this project is to raise awareness and understanding on Autism among the citizen in Sandakan.


Walk for Autism is a continuous community project jointly organised by JCI Sandakan and Persatuan CHILD since 2015. The purpose of this event is to raise awareness among Sandakan citizens about community with autism and funds to support autism awareness activities in Sandakan. This year, the walk was divided into two (2) categories, i.e 8km and 3km. It was organised on the 30th April 2017 at the Sibuga Sports Complex. Each participant received a piece of T-shirt, goody bag and medal. It was opened for autistics and non-autistics. Income from the project is donated to autism centers in Sandakan.


The project successfully received 869 registrations and 700 attendees. This number of registrations was doubled from previous year. It also received supports from the government representative, the State Assemblyman of Elopura Y.B Datuk Au Kam Wah, private companies and several civil societies. It was able to raise funds to purchase essential items for the autism centers in Sandakan.The event also provided a platform for autistic children to sell their products, i.e homemade cookies and drawings. Awareness among the local citizens were successfully raised. The event also took the opportunity to promote 'Peace is Possible' to the public. It also brought together JCI members from local and national levels.


This project need to be continued in the future to benefit more autism centers in Sandakan and continuous awareness among the public.

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