Freemarket S.K. Babagon


Siti Bahiyah Mohd. Muztaba


From février 26 to mars 19, 2017


the students and parents of S.K. Babagon

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Objectif de développement durable

Éradication de la pauvreté

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


To provide assistance to to needy school students, and their parents by introducing the 'Freemarket' concept.


Freemarket S. K. Babagon is a joint project organized by JCI Intan, JCI KK and JCI Penampang in conjunction with our marathon IAB weekend. The Freemarket concept is like a flea market, only it’s FREE! This is an activity that is done by the community, for the community, as items and contributions are from the public. All one required to do at the freemarket is to ask for the items nicely.


Over 500 students and their parents came for the project. All students and parents were able to bring something back with them from this Freemarket project. Items that were contributed by generous members of the public were cooked food, groceries, vegetables, milk, preloved clothes and toys, books, and stationeries. The Girl Guides also partnered with JCI Intan by providing new clothes for the students. Members from all LOs involved had worked together to make this project a success. This project had also gotten the support from JCI Intan's Brotherhood LO JCI Seduan, and Friendship LO JCI Butterworth City, JCI Lahad Datu, and international LOs such as JCI Angeles City Culliat, JCI Greater Zamboanga Sibugay, JCI Manila (Philippines) and JCI Chung Li (Taiwan).


This was a good collaborative effort from JCI Intan, JCI KK and JCI Penampang. The project had brought a positive impact for the targeted community and had given the members involved the opportunity to contribute, as well as reflect and be thankful of what we have in our lives. Having international LOs join in on this project also fosters relations between JCI Malaysia, JCI Philippines and JCI Taiwan.

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