2017 Hong Kong Professional Elite Ladies Selection


Nancy Yau


From mai 3 to août 12, 2017


Working women aged 18-40 in different professionals

Target population


People impacted


Objectif de développement durable

Égalité entre les sexes

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


1. To recognize the contributions made by working women in their professional field
2. To raise the social status of working women, especially at senior management level
3. To establish the new definitions of “Professional” and “Elite” with new mindset, evolving from the traditional definition and inaugurating a new benchmark to general public, especially women
4. To engage the influences and powers of awardees to create sustainable impact on society
5. To raise the concerns on declining traditional skill sets and occupation chances through Local Social Brands to sustain inheritance due to change of social needs
6. To enhance image of JCI City Lady and expand the connection with other professionals


Linkage of all stakeholders
Hong Kong Professional Elite Ladies Selection has been launched since 2011. We have built up a network on engaging and coordinating all internal and external communications aimed at creating positive changes and sustainable impacts on society among stakeholders. With the great success of previous years and supports from past awardees, Judges and sponsors, government as well as supporting organizations, this flagship project has implemented JCI mission and vision to our stakeholders that create sustainable impact in the community together.

Project planning started in October 2016, according to the data in Census and Statistics Department, the ratio of men and women with tertiary education background was 51 to 49 in 2016 while only 34% of those women were working in management level. Also, it was found that population of women (around 63%) engaging in economically inactive work was more than men. It was realized that woman with professional skills and knowledge are not encouraged to participate in workforce and some of the skill sets and occupation chances were declining due to social change. Our past awardees were then invited to support those women workforce by matching up with Local Social Brands that could empower the social status of women and raise out the importance of skills inheritance.

Collective Powers
In view of 47 past awardees plus 8 awardees in 2017 recognized by this project, impactful influence has been created through engagement of those all awardees across different sectors of society. The theme of this year, “ACTION WITH LOVE” is a meaning of collective powers created by all awardees and our partners to achieve sustainable impact on society.

Activities Organized
1. Mentorship gathering of Past Awardees and ethnics minorities of South-Asian Ladies on 15th January 2017
2. Past Awardees x Local Social Brand Pitching Day on 25th March 2017
3. Co-organization with Lions Club on Health Seminar on 8th April 2017
4. Opening Ceremony on 3rd May 2017
5. Nomination Period from 3rd May to 18th June 2017
6. Photo Exhibition of Past Awardees x Local Social Brand at The Central Oasis (城市綠洲) between 4th May to 31st May 2017
7. Judging Day of Candidates on 8th July 2017
8. Award Presentation Ceremony on 12th August 2016

Social Endorsors
To reinforce the justice and fairness of the selection, our project is endorsed by well-recognized and successful leaders in the society, they are:
Judging Panel
~ Chief Judge Dr Joseph Lee GBS, OStJ, JP, Chairman of Wofoo Plastics and Chemicals Group
~ Judge Mr George Lung BBS, MH, JP, Hong Kong Shue Yan University management committee
~ Judge Mr Sean Lin, Chairman of The Outstanding Young People Persons Association
~ Judge Dr Margaret Chung, Founding President of Regeneration Society
~ Judge Ms Olivia Cheng, President of Hong Kong Chinese Lady Golfers Association and Miss Hong Kong 1979

Project Ambassador Ms Lelia Kong, Famous Artist


1. Build up collective powers by engaging awardees and partners, over 50% of all awardees and 26 corporate, local social brands and organizations have come out to support our activities
2. Awardees act as role models to public, especially encouraging women to take Action with Love to show up their abilities and skill sets
3. Raise public awareness to the new definition of “Professional” and “Elite”
4. Propagate public image and recognition of JCI City Lady
5. Raise public awareness to the contribution of Local Social Brands
6. Connect awardees with other organizations to by inviting them as guest speakers
7. Recruitment of new members and encourage members to take up leading roles
8. 8 new awardees were selected
9. Over 100 people involved in In-depth participation
10. Over 500 people involved in this project
11. Project exposure reached over 25,000 people in facebook; over 300,000 people in photo exhibition at The Central Oasis; over 32,000,000 people in all MTR Stations.
12. Media exposure reached over 5,000,000 people

Official website for the project (Chinese) : www.jcicitylady.org.hk/hkpels


1. To prepare sponsor pitching in earlier stage to ensure sufficient resources to run the project
2. To involve more past awardees to build up more impactful collective powers
3. To engage more stakeholders to reinforce social impact
4. To enhance promotion scheme and means of promotion
5. To seek more media exposure in order to promote JCIHK and JCI City Lady

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