Dragon Apprentice 2017


Koon Hung Lin


From juillet 2 to août 5, 2017


Secondary students in Hong Kong

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Objectif de développement durable

Villes et communautés durables

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


To obtain the entrepreneurship from structured workshops and startup visits
To learn how to overcome the obstacle from REAL business WORLD CHALLENGE
To flourish their Long-Term Personal Skills Development in REAL MODEL of STARTUP TRAINING such as idea thinking, execution, resources management, entrepreneurship, promotion and presentation skill.

To inspire members to STEP OUTSIDE the COMFORT ZONE by training design, emergency handling, time management through managing projects, negotiation skill with medias, sponsors, business leaders and the government

To promote to all 509 Secondary Schools, over 300000 students
To arouse awareness of life planning by co-operating with the government, business leaders, media, and students.
JCI Mission & Identity are well penetrated into secondary student layer.


Dragon Apprentice (DA) is one of JCI Dragon's flagship projects. We aim to let Hong Kong secondary school students to explore their KNOWLEDGE further, to sketch their future LIFE PLANNING earlier. We design the program as a REAL STARTUPS EXPERIENCE with FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES by IN-DEPTH TRAINING for Students in Multi-Directions: Idea thinking, Working with peoples, Product building, Customer feedbacks handling, Executions, Presentation Skills, Marketing, Pitch Funding Advice and Teamworking.

The program provides a platform that links up students from secondary schools with local youth businesses as well as the community, government department, organizations to help JCI Dragon to be a global network for the active citizen. And finally, it provides opportunities for both students and stakeholders to Create Positive Change.

DA2017 is our 3rd time to co-host with the HONG KONG EDUCATION BUREAU (EDB). The program application was sent to ALL secondary schools in Hong Kong. 100 teams enrolled for DA2017 which is 20% more than last year, 24 teams were selected into the program, and over 150 students were participated in all series of DA's program. The series included an opening ceremony, 2 training days, 8 local companies’ mentorship and visits, judging day and final ceremony. 48 JCI Dragon's members involved in this program with one OC team and 3 Sub-Committee teams.


1. Worked closely with Hong Kong Education Bureau and numbers of well-known business leaders
2. Promotions to 500+ secondary schools
3. 100 teams were enrolled, 24 teams were selected into the program
4. Over 150 students participated in the events
5. 2 ceremonies, 8 Mentors, and 8 companies visited
6. 3 teams were selected as the winner, the first runner-up, and second runner-up. Sponsors have given HKD10k cash reward.


1. Establish a long-term relationship with sponsors, supporting organizations, and participants.
2. Collaborate with more organizations to provide startups environment stick to reality
3. Explore additional promotion channels for the project.
4. Invite more press and social media to help to promote JCI's value.
5. Design more executive experience for students.
6. Two Training Days can be reorganized to a two-day camp to reduce passion drowning and deliver more topics.
7. Investigate more solution for encouraging youth entrepreneurship.

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