Love of the Earth 2017 "Show Your Love, No Insect Repellent"


Yu Chi Kendrick Yuen


From janvier 1 to juillet 1, 2017


Hong Kong Citizens

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Objectif de développement durable

Measures relatives à la lutte contre le changements climatiques

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


This project aims at promoting the message of “Go Green! Grow Green” in order to save the Earth by protecting the ozone layer, such as stop using chemical insect repellent. The project aligns with the direction of the government’s District-led Actions Scheme of 18 Districts for creating an “insect repellent-free” society.


Love of the Earth 2017 “Show Your Love, No Insect Repellent” was co-organized with Heung Yee Kuk, New Territories. We invited Former Secretary for Food and Health Dr. Ko Wing-man, SBS, JP to be the Guest of Honor for the Opening Ceremony in February and he stated that it was the right time to promote this topic for dealing with the hot weather. Subsequently, Smartworkshop introduced organic DIY insect repellent and Dr. Yau Wing-kwong, JP of Environmental Association Ltd conducted a Green seminar to 150 participants. At the same time, we promoted this project to 18 Districts and 27 Rural Committee of Hong Kong to maximize our impacts of the project.

In addition, we provided on-site sharing sessions to around 400 citizens in different villages. After promoting the project to the villages, we received positive feedback that those citizens would improve their public environmental hygiene systems by utilizing organic ingredients.

For the Closing Ceremony, we invited Honorary President for Kowloon Region School Head Association Ms. Emily Mok Fung-yee, MH, JP to be the Guest of Honor. There were over 100 participants showed their interest in the sharing session of pest control as this is practical for their daily lives and the message of creating “insect repellent-free” society was successfully promoted to the participants in order to make it a better living environment in Hong Kong.


A total number of 10000000 people have been reached and 850 people participated in the different phases of the project. After participating in the project, they would assist in promoting "insect repellent-free society".


While this project is to promote to every Hong Kong citizen, JCI Sha Tin hanged up promotional banners into 18 Districts and 27 Villages for maximizing the community impact.

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