The 11th Young Leaders Series - “Unite as One” Young Leaders Training Program


Terence Tsui


From janvier 1 to août 1, 2017


2017 marks the 11th anniversary of the JCI Harbour’s flagship Young Leaders Series. Total of 57 young leaders (“YLS”) with outstanding leadership skills were successfully elected in 10 sessions, aiming at recognizing their contribution to China and Hong Kong’s social development. This year, we worked with awardees of young leaders to serve the disadvantaged groups in society – EM.
Making a successful career in HK is challenging for EM, with the language, cultural difference and even at times racial discrimination. EM teenagers often have to make crucial decisions on their education and career paths at an earlier age, without much understanding what a particular profession is all about. Unfortunately, there is limited support available in the society that focuses on EM teenagers’ career planning.
We have therefore designed the “United as One” young leaders training programmed to tackle this.
The programme is divided into two parts
Part 1 being a training programme for EM Teenagers designed around “Learn, Experience, Advice, Development” consist of Interactive Career Development Workshops, Job Shadowing Opportunities , targeting to provide appropriate training, experience and guidance to EM teenagers on their career development; and
Part 2 being Discussion forum that aims to race social awareness and to promote racial harmony with a key message “regardless of skin color and race, anyone with the desire and ability to contribute the society can become an outstanding leader”.


Collaboration Opportunities with different parties to create more synergy
1. 25 supporting organizations that covers various aspect of the society supported the
promotion of the project as well as our key message of ““regardless of skin color
and race, you are outstanding leader if contribute to society”
2. 12 companies have offered Job Shadowing opportunities to EM teenagers, for
them to learn and experience different aspect of a real work life.
3. 4 sponsors has provided monetary support and professional services support to the
4. 10 renowned speakers joined our opening and closing ceremony.
5. 6 organizations also contributed by sharing resources and connecting us with
different partners.
6. Comprehensive promotion and media coverage of over 300,000 reaches that not just
Hong Kong but also PRC China, arouse awareness on equal opportunities for EM.
Outcome in local community and local chapter
7. A series of 14 events were organized throughout the year, focusing on the promotion
of equal job opportunities for EM, creation of a platform to connect different parties
working for the benefit of EM, as well as developing EM teenagers as young leaders.
8. Provided training opportunities for JCI members to learn by doing and build up a
wide range of skills, such as time management, liaison with external partners and supporting organizations, pitching for sponsors, promotional skills.
Empowering young active citizens
9. 20 EM teenagers joined and completed the interactive workshops,
10. 16 participants further experienced at least 2 Job Shadowing of different
11. 4 EM teenagers participants volunteered to shared their experience participating
in programme during our Discussion Forum.
12. 10 YLS has participated in our program this year, providing various support as sponsor for job shadowing opportunities, mentors to EM participants , supporting organization to Discussion Forum, etc.
13. Over 50 members directly engaged in the project. 14 members have invited to be Organizing Committee Members. Among which 11 are prospective member who either has already became full member or have committed to join the chapter once qualified. 100% of HJC members participated as audience or supporting our promotion efforts.


Maintain long term relationship with co-organizers, supporting organizations and sponsors
Further explore using digital marketing and new technologies.
Deliver the community needs to the Government . Urge the Government to take necessary action towards the community needs ~ Permeate the impact (Equal Job opportunities) to the Hong Kong community

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