Edutainment Fest 2017


David Luk


From août 16, 2016 to août 21, 2017


Secondary school students

Objectif de développement durable

Accès à une education de qualité

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


To build capacity and pscho-social-emotional capabilities for youth in Summer
To build a eco-system engaging different stakeholders in education
To develop a platform to recognize edutainment practitioners
To promote Well-being 2030 (Resilience, Sustainability and Innovation) under OECD Well-Being 2030 for Education
To promote a healthy, balanced development lifestyle for youth and children


World Health Organization announces on 14 May 2014, top 1 cause for disability and illness for youth aged between 15-19
is depression and top 3 causes for death for youth aged between 15-29 is suicide. In Hong Kong, youth suicide caused
huge media and public attention since last year as a series of over 60 youth suicide cases were reported today. Comparing
to the average annual youth suicidal rate, the figure is alarming as it is 4 times more incidents reported in any given year in
Hong Kong history.
While youth is often found with huge stress in curriculum overload, schools should provide a safe, enjoyable atmosphere for
learning to enhance well-being. To bring education with funful experience, Edutainment Festival is proposed to recognize
outstanding and innovative educators with fun experience to promote a healthy study environment and raise the awareness
of well-being.


Almost 200 attended the event.
A panel discussion was arranged in the morning attracting students, parents, teachers and edutainment practitioners to join.
Over 70 people attended the event. 18 workshops are held in the afternoon promoting edutainment and gives people new
insight regarding to innovation, sustainability and resilience. The age range of participants cover 10-60 years old.


More media coverage is preferred, and we can hold a series of workshops/training to create more impact on the community.

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