10th Children's Chinese Calligraphy Competition


Claudia Chor


From janvier 1 to août 6, 2017


All children in Hong Kong, Parent, 68 Art & Calligraphy Academy, over 590 HK schools (their students and teachers), JCI members, Local Organizations.

Objectif de développement durable

Accès à une education de qualité

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


i) Stage 1 – 10th Children Chinese Calligraphy Competition Ceremony cum Bus Tour & Mothers’ Day event (13th May 2017)
ii) Stage 2 - Receiving Calligraphy Entries (May 2017 – July 2017)
iii) Stage 3 – Mental Health Development Talk / Calligraphy Workshop (28th May 2017)
(iv) Stage 4 – 10th Children Chinese Calligraphy Competition X Together We Care “Friends of Dementia” - “Calligraphy with Dementia” Volunteer Day (25th June 2017)
(v) Stage 5 – Project Nippondo – Chinese Calligraphy Exchange Group
(vi) Stage 6 – 10th Children Chinese Calligraphy Competition Final cum Carnival & Award Ceremony(6th August 2017)


1) The project was promoted to 590 primary schools and 68 Calligraphy School. By 11th July we received 450 + entries and 10% of entries were sent from Shenzhen District as we successfully promote our competition outside Hong Kong.
2) Mind: Delight Memory & Cognitive Training Centre is willing to collaborate with different Calligraphy teaches to host Calligraphy classes to the elders after the workshops. As they also believe Chinese Calligraphy brings positive impact to the elders with Dementia.
3) We receive 2 thank you letters from 2 participants’ parent showing the gratitude and appreciation to JCI Kowloon for hosting the competition for the last 10 years, and allow their kids to be recognition and show positive change.


- Partnering with more sister chapters and oversea organizations to gain further exposure in international level
- Partnering with accredited higher education institutions to enhance the credibility of the competition
- Further involve past awardees in future activities to be strong sense of belonging to this long-term project
- Collaborate with accredited officials to host mass subsidized calligraphy classes to benefit those potential young calligraphers

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