JCI Intan Youth Leadership Training, Nabawan


Siti Bahiyah Mohd. Muztaba


From juillet 16 to août 19, 2017


Students of Asrama Butitin, Nabawan

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Objectif de développement durable

Accès à une education de qualité

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


To give an opportunity for students in school outside the city to experience JCI Intan's teambuilding and motivational sessions where programs such as these are not often conducted there.


The Youth Leadership Training (YLT) is a flagship project of JCI Intan, which has been carried out for several years. This 2d 1n program has garnered participation from a number of schools, and has given impact in terms of developing the leadership skills and positive mindset of young generation. This year, this project will be brought to the interior division of Sabah, to the town of Nabawan. Asrama Butitin is a hostel facility for underprivileged rural boys and girls to enable them to attend school regularly. It was built to accommodate the poor and needy village students studying in Nabawan to give them a better chance to success in life.


JCI Intan succesfully conducted our flagship 2d1n program at Asrama Butitin, Nabawan. JCI Intan conducted a total of 8 sessions for the students that includes motivational talk, team buiding games, and talks on volunteerism and future mapping. JCI Intan had also collected donations from the generous public to be presented to the hostel. Brother Andrew Loke, Brother Coordinator for Malaysian Brothers, and Head of all Brothers in Malaysia also came to witness the handover of donations for the students.


Back in the 7th year, and the second time taking our flagship program YLT to schools outside town, JCI Intan will continue to conduct this program so that students in these areas can have the same educational opportunity as their peers living in bigger towns. Feedback from the students and their caretaker will help JCI Intan to work on providing better training sessions in the future, and we hope that this program will impact more students' lives in the future.

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