Gift to Nature, Life to Green


Ayşe Öykü Erdoğmuş


From mars 1 to juin 30, 2017


Providing separate collection of waste materials by separation at the source, preventing mixing and contamination of the garbage. Preventing environmental pollution by ensuring the protection of natural resources. Provide energy savings and contribute to the economy

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Objectif de développement durable

Vie terrestre

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


Preventing environmental pollution by decreasing the amount of paper waste, recycling the waste by evaluating the waste and preventing the unnecessary use of resources.


The natural use of resources is not infinite, and if it is not used carefully, it should not be forgotten that one day will be consumed. The efficient use of natural resources is important for future generations not to suffer resource squeeze. For this reason, recyclable paper waste must be included in the recycling process. The more generous we save resources, the less generations we will have, the fewer resource constraints we will be able to make use of natural resources.


The awareness that we have created within the scope of our project is still ongoing. If we think that we have saved 8 trees as a result of recycling of 1 ton of waste paper, we have made a positive contribution to the environment, the environment and the country's economy. In addition, our country has a wide range of herbal flora when it is considered and we have forest areas among them. With every paper participating in the recycling, we are fighting against erosion, preventing our forests from being destroyed and preventing the destruction and destruction of a healthy, peaceful environment that we have had. In addition, the global objectives for sustainable development include the project to "protect, restore and sustain sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, to ensure sustainable use of forests, combat desertification, stop and reverse the loss of productivity and stop loss of biodiversity" We have done. All of these positive effects are ours; to serve humanity and to make positive changes in society.


We must regularly use our mortgage recycling boxes against nature every day.

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