Project Anti -Bullying


Mahamud Un Nabi


From février 1, 2017 to janvier 31, 2018


Bullying Free Society

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Objectif de développement durable

Paix, justice et institutions efficaces

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


1. Raising awareness of all members of the targeted school community - children & young people, parents and school staffs about the harm that bullying causes and how children & young people can be protected, including solutions to the problem.
2. Reducing number of incidents and impact of violence against children at school, resulting from an improved safe and secure whole school environment of convivence.
3. Improving strategies and responses to incidences of bullying that address the causes of bullying and help avoid any recurrence.
4. Cascading leadership training in the empowerment of school staffs and parents as change agents in reducing bullying and in the education of children and young people in peer led strategies.
5. Wide dissemination of the resulting programs.


The sustainability of the project has been ensured and will be continuously under following up, through cooperation between schools with JCI Dhaka East and other outside partners /agencies in the reduction of bullying by adopting an improved program and a system of exchange of best practices. Moreover, a school review evaluation tool (survey, assessing the results of children’ exams, attendance record, individual performance in classes, discipline record etc.) for monitoring anti bullying campaigns effectiveness has been ensured. This will ensure continuous improvement tracking and provide direction for any changes requires.


1000 young people; 80 school staff; about 500 parents will be aware of solutions to protecting children & young people from bullying. And they also ensure bullying free community surrounding them. They also committed that they will convey the message the others also so that it will spread in the society.


Bullying is not limited only school. Anti-bullying policy also has to involve other parts, such as colleges, different communities, even in social media also. An approach against bullying has to be embedded in a every part of our society, where the focus is on prevention. An anti-bullying policy fits within a health policy with attention for the mental well being of the peoples. Stand up for people who are bullied. Bullies often want an audience and approval. Let bullies know that you do not think being mean is cool. Try to learn more about where bullying happens at your society. Talk about what might help.

Bullying can be prevented, especially when the power of a community is brought together. Community-wide strategies can help identify and support who are bullied, redirect the behavior of people who bully, and change the attitudes of adults and youth who tolerate bullying behaviors in peer groups, schools, and communities.

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