Fly for Peace


Ayşe Öykü Erdoğmuş


septembre 21, 2017


National and international participants and refugee children with no age limit.

Target population


People impacted


Objectif de développement durable

Paix, justice et institutions efficaces

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


In line with the purpose that defined by JCI 2016, supporting Peace is Possible Campaign, which aims to create a sustainable and ever-increasing positive change by mobilizing young people for creating awareness on their society, advocating for Peace and taking action for an everlasting world peace with a national project by JCI Turkey.


The Project has been realized simultaneously with the participation of 13 Branches on 6 Cities (Adana, Ankara, Balıkesir, Bodrum, İstanbul and İzmir),
We have supported the Concept of Peace, which is among the values that adds meaning and beauty to one’s life, with Fly for Peace Event. And we have flied our colorful kites on sky for World Peace.


Purpose of this project is that understanding and spreading the peace to all people and we can give best describing of peace.


Taking every segment of society into that campaign and to create the awareness with stopping prejudice and that kind of uncivilized behaviors. The target is selected and achieved without distinction of race, religion, language and culture.

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