Eric Loh Pen Wei


août 19, 2017


Parent, Children, Public, Neighbourhood

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Root cause

replanting tree movement

Objectif de développement durable

Vie terrestre

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


To create impact by create awareness and educate young generation on the importance of replanting tree


The event will held at Matahari School, this carnival consist of "peace is possible" Costume Fun Run, Colouring Competition, Photography Competition, Fun fair, Sharing session and etc. We are targeting participant of our competition, it will attract their family and friends to attend this carnival. The event start at 8am until 6pm.


This event JCI JBE have successfully raised 35k, and JCI JBE have attracted 2000 participants and visitor, JCI JBE are able to get 180 pack of blood been donated. The event of "peace is possible" Costume Fun Run able to get 500 participants , Colouring Competition to get 321 participants, Photography Competition get 65 participants. The participants consist of students, teachers and parent from Matahari School, from government sector MBJBT, from member of community policing, from member of cycling team, from chapter patron sponsor, from JCI member and family, from other NGOs, such as Lion club, Eco Knight, Tzu Chi (Buddhist Compassion Relief), and more, and also from the neighbourhood and public. Through this carnival JCI JBE are able to get sponsorship for Green Paradise project by Matahari School to plant more than 1000 species of plant in the garden and portion of fund raised will be given to Eco Knight as their funding to organising more Green Event to benefit the environment.


1.Such eventshould be otganise evety year,in order to get a sustainable impact towards the public聽
2.education should start at early stage,suggest for coming event,try to co-oragnise with more school,the increase the impact

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