Mandy Goh Mui Fei


juillet 8, 2017


250 students , 22 high schools, JCI Bandar Klang, JABATAN PENDIDIKAN SELANGOR, 1 corporate organisations , 1 charity associations, 1 community association

Objectif de développement durable

Villes et communautés durables

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


Bye Childhood” project is a one day camp about Leadership and interpersonal skills.

To groom young leaders and active citizens from the high school students.

To develop leadership skill of participants

To guide and educate high school students on the proper skills on how to organise a project which include organising, planning, budgeting, executing, etc.

To inculcate and strengthen friendship and brotherhood within students through leadership.

To create better understanding and appreciation towards their grass root through the inclusion of Chinese language and culture session.


When the Teacher Advisor, Mr Te Choon Kiong approach JCI Bandar Klang to help guiding the students on how to organise a leadership camp, the Local organisation seized the opportunity and initiated further discussion. Aligned with JCI Bandar Klang’s aim to reach out and create positive impact to the younger generations in the vicinity, they introduced JCI movement to the school and how the local organisation can help guide the non-experienced high school students to conduct a leadership camp.

With further study and need analysis conducted, it was found that youth today becoming leadership and interpersonal skill handicapped. The current local schools focus more on intensive syllabus and teaching in the current curriculum. As high school students embark onto the next level of education i.e. the tertiary education and employment, they are not able to create competitive advantage among themselves. Unemployment among fresh university graduates has been a common issue in Malaysia and this has been the worries of our community for years. Our Prime Minister commented in his keynote address at the 1Malaysia Training Scheme (SL1M) dialogue session, our students are lacked of leadership skills and the ability to articulate well. This is because they do not have the confident to speak up and express constructive opinions. In January 2016, TalentCorp Malaysia CEO Johan Mahmood Merican had commented that lack of self-initiative and soft skills are among the main factors leading to un-employability among fresh graduates in the country.

The future development and progress of the nation lies in the hands of the youth and therefore it is imperative to equip them not only with intellectual wisdom but also endowed them with the right skills a leader should have. School is indeed the first training ground for future leaders.
With this in mind, JCI Bandar Klang realised that leadership and interpersonal skills should be developed at young age. It is indeed is important to develop and groom our youth at the high school level before they pursue the future endeavour.

The leadership camp came right at the time and with further discussion with the schools, the project titled “Bye Childhood” was developed. Recognising that youth plays important role in nation building and aligning with 2017 JCI Plan of Action – Global Leadership of Active Citizens, the 12-hour leadership camp involving a total of 200 high schools students from 22 high schools, 50 students committee members consisting of current and former high school students, and 12 members from JCI Bandar Klang was then kicked off.

To reach out to more youth, this camp jointly collaborated with Persatuan Bahasa Cina SMK Tinggi Klang, was further enhanced by engaging the collaboration from the Jabatan Pendidikan Selangor (the State Department of Education) so that it can be extended not only to 1 school but various schools within the Selangor state and supported by Persatuan Kebajikan Batu 3 Klang.


Skill Development
Knowledge sharing
To improve the relationship/friendships between students

For JCI Bandar Klang & Committee Members
Skill Development
Local awareness
Active Participation
More Leaders

For Trainers
Platform for presentation and public speaking

For Corporate Sponsor
Corporate Social Responsibility
Brand awareness

For School
Peaceful environment

For Community
Sustainable community projects



This project was promoted within Selangor State only, which mainly targeted on schools located at Klang Valley. To empower more youths, this project can be collaborated with schools located at other state for further expansion.

To ensure the sustainability of the project, committee should source for more sponsorship to provide better resources to attract more students.
More trainers/speakers could be invited to provide different knowledge to students.
Briefing and Earlier Preparation
The venue setting should be done one day before the event. Detailed briefing should be provided to all committee members one day before the event, rather on the event day.

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