JCI Southampton Peace is Possible Conference


Sophie Delaporte


From octobre 20, 2016 to mars 12, 2017

Objectif de développement durable

Paix, justice et institutions efficaces


JCI Southampton held our very first Peace Conference last October in order to raise awareness of Peace and encourage our community to take action on an everlasting world peace. Our objective was to build a local coalition of like-minded stakeholders from all sectors of society who are committed to the purpose in the community or country.


JCI Southampton invited seven speakers who came from different sectors to make speech about their own experience relating to peace. This aimed to encourage participants to action more peaceful in the community. Speeches were relevant in topics of social entrepreneurship, mental health, humanity crisis (refugees crisis), mindfulness, how to inspire youth to work for peace, create and promote a global culture of peace, improve public deliberation of divisive issues.
The planning of the conference started in June 2016 with delivery in October 2016, with promotion starting about one month before the holding date. Speech topics, content and speakers’ information were all promoted via the JCI Southampton website and social media accounts in order to raise audiences’ interests.


For our very first Peace Conference, tickets price was kept low to attract an audience as large as possible. Ticket price was £2 for members and £3 for non-members, with £1 of each ticket donated to charity (No Limits, JCI Southampton’s Charity of the Year, and Southampton Action that helps refugees in Southampton and Calais).

35 members of the public, including JCI members attended the conference, with very positive feedback coming through after the conference. It enabled to reach a different audience and increase our reputation in the community.

Awareness of peace was raised and actions were called to let participants to take in their community. The Conference covered many topics related to peace to make it relevant to different audience members from community actions to business related discussions.

From this conference, JCI members and members of the public were made more aware of peace; from many sectors and were given ideas and tools to contribute on making peace possible in their daily life.

Photos from the Conference are available from our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/jcisouthampton


The Conference brought together several actors of the society, from students and academics to professionals, active citizens and charities. The topics were broad but future development of the conference might concentrate of yearly topics, more in line with the news and current affairs.
A active project as part of the conference needs to be implemented so that delegates make peace possible by attending the conference.

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