The ABC of Investing in the Stock Exchange - Third Edition


Tasweena Girdhari


From janvier 1 to juin 17, 2017


JCI City Plus, Members of the Board, JCI Mauritius, other Local Presidents of JCI Mauritius, Members, Senators, Aspiring Members, Individuals, Stakeholders, Partners, Local communities, Colleagues, Family, Entrepreneurs, General Public

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Objectif de développement durable

Accès à une education de qualité

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


To increase the awareness of the public on how to invest wisely on the stock markets.


From the amazing response of the Second Edition in 2016 and with 2 Awards won at the 2017 JCI Africa and Middle East Conference in Sousse, Tunisia, this year's seminar is much anticipated among the different audiences.

This event has one endeavour - To dispel the myths of personal investment!

Investing is not gambling. When consciously aware of the investment nature and options, one can raise financial gains in incredible ways. All these factors will be explored during the Seminar and there is certainly more beneficial ways than to just "park" money in banks.

This Seminar comes forward to give simple and basic advice to people who're interested to take the first steps into the stock markets. It brings multiple experts in the field and include Fund Managers from SWAN, representatives from the Financial Services Agency (FSPA) and the Stock Exchange Market (SEM).


The Third Edition welcomed more participants this year. We got around 200 attendees; from students to retired people. The Seminar was well received by the audience. One of our partners was very satisfied with the response and he suggested that we extend this project to Rodrigues Island to increase the awareness of the Stock Exchange literacy to the Rodriguans.
After the Seminar, JCI Members from Nigeria and some other African countries contacted us to extend the project in their countries as well. A Fund company who was present contacted us and thereafter gave a small presentation during one of our Members Meeting. After this intervention, that company eventually became a potential partner for the Fourth Edition.
A fourth Edition is in the process and based on the experiences and feedback received from all three Editions, the team is currently working on how to make it more productive and how to make it reach to the maximum of the Mauritian population.


The Seminar of the Third Edition of the ABC of Investing in the Stock Exchange has been a successful tri-partnership with the government, the private sector and the public. JCI City Plus has also been very visible in the media who’ve recognised the economic impact of its project – The ABC of Investing in the Stock Exchange was featured in the cover page of the local leading newspaper. The successful seminar is still cited as an example whenever the news talks about the literacy of the Stock Market in Mauritius.

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