JCI Manchester Charity Musical Bingo


Simon Anderson


avril 26, 2017


Manchester Corporate Patrons and Individual Members

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Objectif de développement durable

Réduction des inégalités

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


This event was designed to raise money for our nominated charity for the year Mancunian Way


Our membership, corporate patrons and non-members on our database were invited for a night of musical bingo to both provide a networking opportunity and to help raise money for our nominated charity Mancunian Way

Actions Taken

Run patented JCI Manchester 'Younger Games' activities as a way of encouraging the room to meet people they had not met
Prepare speech to attendees about why they are here and what we are raising money for
Promote event via social media, email marketing and through JCI Manchester board's personal contact of their own networks
Agree cost per head for event that would mean a profit could be made with charging £10 for members and £15 for non-members
Secure The Botanist on Deansgate, Manchester City Centre as a venue for event


Last night saw us host our 2nd charity event of the 2017 calendar year at the always popular Botanist on Deansgate. Attendees arrived and were invited to grab their free drink and join for some networking activity. After being watered and fed the musical bingo began!

Musical Bingo works a lot like normal bingo, only rather than numbers it’s songs and artists. The in house pianist and singer (Martin) played and sang songs in a continuous loop while everyone blotted away, eagerly anticipating a line, 2 lines and a full house! There were such classics as John Denver, Mustang Sally, Scooter - The Logical Song and many more absolute classics from years gone by!

The event went down very well and in total we raised £450 for our nominated charity of the year Mancunian Way! Great work charity team and everyone who was involved! Thanks again to the Botanist for being excellent hosts!


The recommendation would be to find a sponsor for such an event in the future which would increase the profit margin from ticket sales allowing more money to raised for the nominated charity.

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