Post-Berguitta - Call to Support Inhabitants of Mauritius


Rehana Hillahee


From janvier 21 to 27, 2018


To support 13 families in Bambous

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Objectif de développement durable

Lutte contre la faim

Development stage

Health and Wellness


To bring support to inhabitants who have been severely hit by the cyclone berguitta from 17January 2018 to date.


JCI Quatre-Bornes, in partnership with Humanity First Mauritius and Association for the Welfare of Orphans and Handicapped Children & ClubMoving have worked together in order to help the inhabitants who were affected by the cyclone.


With the participation of all our partners, the JCI Quatre-Bornes (Mauritius) team members have been able to provide basic food items and clothing materials to some 21 families who were affected by the cyclone. We have been able to bring a smile on their face and it was a successful flood relief campaign.


However, hunger is a temporarily basis and JCI Quatre-Bornes are planning to work on more sustainable solutions as listed below:
- to involve more sponsors and partners so as to raise funds which may be allocated to victims in the event of natural calamities;
- to organise awareness programme in each of the JCI chapters in Mauritius on the impact of climate change and its consequences;
- to organise quarterly campaign "nettoyage dans village" and JCI Mauritius members to participate and to sensitize the inhabitants
of these regions on the impact of pollution and climate change;
- to partner with other NGO's and relevant sectors of the society to find sustainable solutions to prevent flooding in these areas; and
- to educate the inhabitants on the construction law prevailing in Mauritius and parameters to take into consideration while building
their house.
The above campaigns will without any doubt help vulnerable families.

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