JCI Kuala Lumpur CEO Series - T.O.P Night #2


Suk Min PANG


mars 8, 2018


18-40 years old

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Objectif de développement durable

Accès à des emplois décents

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


The purpose of the JCI Kuala Lumpur CEO Series - Wine Night are:
1. Local Strength- To build deeper bond between JCI KL & all Local Organizations
a. After being established for 64 years, it’s normal to have our Local Organization to miss, neglect or to have misunderstanding with other Local Organizations. Hence, a dinner as such is an opportunity for members to reconcile, rebuild and look forward to future possibilities.
2. Network Growth- To progress relationship between JCI friends (Non JCI members) & JCI members a. As a Jaycee, we can be isolated from non-Jaycee members, even when we don’t intend to. This is because the sense of what makes us exclusive can sometimes put us in a comfort zone which we may not be ready to allow others in.
b. Breaking the exclusivity where the Jaycee members are given the opportunity to humble
oneself (especially one with title and position) to meet non-members where they are. Relationship grows the fastest where there is the least ego involved.
3. Redefine Network- To redefine the meaning of network among all participants without mentioning personal titles, position & occupation. It’s typical for strangers to introduce oneself according to their occupation and position. Limiting this approach of self-introduction forces oneself to think not in terms of one’s exclusivity and pre-default thinking, but to introduce oneself according to interest, passion and common grounds.


JCI Kuala Lumpur CEO Series - Wine Night has successfully organized with impactful results:
1. Higher exposure to JCI Malaysia, starting with JCI Kuala Lumpur
2. Opportunity to build business network
3. A sense of direction, Inspiration, and motivation for young adults
4. More interaction with JCI members and public
5. Successfully generated interest among non-JCI members


Benefits & Impact to Community:
1. Higher Exposure to JCI Malaysia, starting with JCI Kuala Lumpur.
a. Although we have 103 years old of rich history, as an active citizen community, many youths in Malaysia still do not know us. Without being 1st being exposed to our JCI community, how will they ever be part of our global network of active citizens who believe ad champion the same vision and mission as our global network of active citizens.
b. The Purpose of this “CEO Wine Night” is to provide a platform for JCI KL member to enhance the relationship among existing and new members. It creates opportunity among members in order to exchange business ideas and their business journey. Moreover, this event can attract more new members to join as JCI KL member, more chances to growth chapter membership.
2. Oportunity to build business network.
a. Many of the guests coming to our event are in business. Our event is one of the many
opportunities they have to build their network which may result in business ventures together.
3. A sense of direction, Inspiration and motivation for young adults
a. Considering that we live in a hectic world, it can be very confusing for some young adults to grasp their direction in life. An exposure to JCIKL may be the start of a life worth living for some of these youths as they begin to fight for the same cause. All participants had a real blast at the event.
4. Total interaction- As intended by the organizing committees, there was total interaction between JCI members & non-JCI members, especially during the “Introduction of the Stage” In a typical setting, JCI members & guests will normally stick to familiar parties. We have successfully broken this anti-social gate.
5. Successfully Generated Interest Among Non-members- For non-JCI members who were exposed to JCI for the 1st time also showed interest in joining our organization. They are more than 70% guest is from difference industry and we successfully connect all of them at the CEO Night. Special Appearance from past and present JCIM Board Members, other past and present Local Organization’s board members- NEVP Ken Choo, PP Eddie Ho, IPP Jerry Ngeoh , and also a VP Majed Khrouf from Tunisia.


a. We recommend to make a difference on CEO Series price ticket between JCI Member and non-
b. The live band is too loud and its effects some of the guests to sharing their business.
2. Pre-sale model
a. Promo via Social Media
b. Promo support by the whole chapter and its VPs help to invite guest from
difference industry as well.
3. Master the protocol.
a. Organizing this as a first timer OC, so he willing to spend time to learn on it.
4. Teamwork
a. A team will make the events run smooth and success.
5. A small touch goes a long way
a. simple stuff like entrance card signing, extra effort to address someone, personal call to invite
can make your ordinary event feel great.
b. People’s perception of your event take precedence (not your perception).
6. Make sure everybody knows their respective roles
a. On event day is get go and no rest.
b. If you team is blur, you’re in deep trouble.
7. Public messages must be consistent and constant
a. No one will notice the changes no matter how big it is.

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