Strategic Planning Training


Eric Low


février 23, 2018



Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Objectif de développement durable

Accès à une education de qualité

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


1. Learn from JCI Europe Past Vice President as well as 2018 JCI Strategic Planning Committee Senator Viktor and JCI Iceland Past National President Senator Elizes Low on how to develop strategic plan for LO for sustainable and continuous growth.
2. Establish and develop JCI Local Organization that able to carry out more effective and impactful project to create greater positive change to the community.
3. To brainstorm and strategize the vision and goal for the Local Organization that enhances the long-term strategic planning.


Expectation from the audience: -
1. How to kick start SPC?
2. How to move forward?
3. Share case studies
4. Definition of Strategic Plan
5. Methodology of SPC
6. How far can JCI PJ go JCI International SPC (Similarities & Differences)

Challenges: -
1. Difference between SPC committee and
2. Communication of SPC and between layers in JCI
3. Improve the reporting and discussions on the strategic plan
4. Tracking progress


1. Clear model between vision and goal and the differences in between
2. Vision is highly associated with feelings, passions and compassionate that a person would like to visualize in a long term
3. The formation of strategic planning framework and the ways to utilize the resources in hands that achieve the vision
4. The planning and alignment towards the strategy vision planning
5. Minor mutual understanding and brainstorming of the strategic planning activity that helps the Board of Directors and Local Organization Strategic Planning Chairman to work on the next 5 years future strategic plans based on the scenario, technique and sharing by Trainers
6. Better understanding on the roles of Strategic Planning Committee and the responsibilities of SPC members at the International Level
7. The adaptation of strategic planning progress from JCI Iceland to JCI National level by using numerous methods to better analyze the current/past situation and utilities the resources at current to perform the best 5 years plan that the Local Organization that wish to achieve then start working it out to execute the strategic plan


1. The big picture of strategic planning on how to achieve it by using the limited resources in hand through the CATAN board games.
2. The numerous definition on different basis include strategic planning,
3. The methods of strategic planning that is widely use in JCI to achieve the JCI Vision “To be the global leading network of young active citizen”
4. The real case scenario from JCI Iceland regarding the “Blind” & “Icelandic Language” community program organized by PNP Senator Elizes had showcase the Strategic Planning process of JCI Iceland
5. The different perspective and outcome discussion of strategic planning in both International and National level by Past JCI Vice President Senator Viktor to enhance the further understanding and planning on strategic plan that despite follow the SPC plan but create the own strategic plan for the national/local level

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