Murat Türker


septembre 15, 2011


Elementary school, middle school and high school students, their families, teachers, the Provincial National Education Directorate, Antalya Governor's Office, JCI members, candidate members.

People impacted



Our project is conceived and implemented based on the following ideas and needs. -Low income families are living in the province of the city -These families and their children to have adequate reading and writing ability and / or have a moderate level of education. - These families have lack of financial resources to buy books for their children. - School libraries which are located in these areas are not adequate. -The absence of the required financial resources for the enrichment of school libraries - To increase the book reading rate of children -To achieve and increase interest in reading which will contribute to the upbringing of generations - Usage and contribution of unused books Education level of children from primary to high schools in underdeveloped regions of the country is estimated to be low due to not enough income causing low literacy rate. However, educated generations mean questioning and producing generations. One of the goals of UN Millennium is universal primary education. When considered in local communities, this goal means all children has rights to reach school resources in an easy and inexpensive way. We have developed our idea based on these objectives in the project. We wished children of the low income families in underdeveloped provinces to be able to reach books free of charge. For this aim we carried out joint work with schools, Antalya Governor's Office and the Provincial Directorate of Education.


Antalya is an advanced, modern tourism city. The average population is 1,200,000. the young population is rather high due to Antalya being a high tourism centre and agriculture. In addition, more people have migrated to the city. Antalya’s immigrants usually move to the city with their families looking for work and their children go to school. The education and income levels of the migrating are low. Priority has been to provide subsistence for the needs of the families, therefore children's education could not be provided sufficiently. Children are sent to the nearest public school to their home. Families can’t pay enough attention and care to their children’s development. Also, public school equipments and libraries are not efficient and enough for the children those, who live in areas of migration. Libraries need more resources and books. Ministry of Education generally sends resources as school textbooks. However, children also need books that will open their horizons, develop their imagination and gain more information about life itself. these kinds of books will be useful to increase and enhance their creativity and self-development. These conditions resulted in an intermediate level of education for children in these provinces. Inadequate resources at home and in schools also prevent the development of children in reading. On the other hand, people who have completed school and are active business life have income level above average but keep books at home as decoration. To be read many books on the shelves without the benefit of anyone in dust and it is waiting on its shelf. Here is one goal of our association with this project, this dusty, with books while awaiting to contribute to the advancement of society, to bring together children who need to study to become successful individuals Based on this target, we went to connect with Antalya Provincial Directorate of National Education. We have gathered books around us, not only JCI members,but also family members, work evironment and friends.By the help of national education, to reach accurate and useful in need of schools and children .We have succeeded to reach 450 children.


-The Project has been successful to increase the recognition of JCI and to increase the collaboration between local authorities and community. -The communication between JCI Antalya and local authorities has increased and both experienced to be a part of a common Project for the first time. -National Education Directorate wants to make another project with JCI Antalya after this good experience. -The new members of JCI Antalya had the chance to be part of a good community project. -As our projects have taken place in the press, we are more able to reach more and more people and different NGO\'s and local authorities now.


This project made me very happy to reach the children with books in my home. Thanks for JCI.I like to make happy to children. Contributing into this Project gave a different pleasure. GÜLŞEN BAY With this project ,we reached to the children in need, While sharing, we provided to gain love of book reading for them We learned the team work. Local authorities We have established a partnership with local authorities. We prepared an award file . They are all very nice experiences. I’m happy to contribute to this family. MUSA AKKAN Just a leaf of paper, may change everything. According to this thinking,I contributed to this project.I may have a piece of help for some people in need.All things that we do is just for our generations, we need them all in the future.Just wanted to invest for our country’s future with a piece of paper.I changed my life…That means if we support our youth,they can be successful.I trust our youth.Thanks, JCI!I’m very happy to work with this association. ARZU SELEN KÜÇÜKSU Thank you so much JCI Antalya for this project team, many of our child's face will be laughed. We are happy we to making such projects for the national education. JCI is a successful non-governmental organization. We are also happy to have heard a partnership with the JCI. Thanks. ARİF AYYILDIZ Antalya deputy director of the National Education

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