T-shirt Tie & Dye @ WRAPD


Nyasha Victoria Mazhindu


novembre 17, 2011


WestRand Association of Persons with Disabilities (WRAPD) Residents &

People impacted



Fun day (challenging mentally), different for the WRAPD residents, as they got t-shirts to be creative with. Each person ie. WRAPD resident and JCI Members, got two t-shirts each, to tie & dye, everyone gets to keep one and the other one would be donated to Slipstream's 10,000 t-shirts for charity project.


The smiles on the residents literally lit up the day, it was obvious that everyone was enjoying the project.


As we have almost 400 left over t-shirts, we will definitely be doing it again and hopefully spreading it beyond WRAPD - but other organisations as well eg. orphanages or old age homes


We managed to dye just over 100 t-shirts, 50 of which were donated to the 10,000 t-shirts for charity. The greatest accomplishment of the day was, enabling the WRAPD residents to do something for other people. Empowering them to make t-shirts for charity, when people usually do things for them, for charity.

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