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Mutlu Toksöz

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Mutlu Toksöz


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To prevent dessertification and deforestation by throwing seed balls to lands by collaborating with stakeholders and creating consciousness in society by using media channels

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Objectif de développement durable

Measures relatives à la lutte contre le changements climatiques

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Due to changing climatic conditions, drought increases with time. In this context, to create awareness of erosion and climate action and to make seed balls and fling to nature with disadvantaged individuals in order to reduce inequalities in society.


The project was carried out with individuals with autism and dyslexia. Peat, red soil, fertilizer and seeds (pine and cedar) seed balls were prepared. People were aware of what they were doing, so that they were aware of what they were doing, and a fun and memorable effect was created with their activities. The seeds were thrown to nature and had a positive effect to participants.


At the end of the event,
- All participants were informed about what can be done to find solutions to erosion, terrestrial life protection and climate action.
- Disadvantaged individuals felt happy to be part of an organization where they would contribute to nature for the first time.
- 250 pieces of seed balls were made.
- The seeds were thrown to the arid areas around 750 km.
- The feeling of 19 May 1919 Atatürk's Remembrance, Youth and Sports Day was given to the participants together with Türkchopper MK.
- All the guests attending the event had more information about JCI.


- Project involving these kind of activities may be carried out with more stakeholders to make more impact.
-Local events with international participants should be organized more frequently.

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