2012 JCI Philippines Presidents Academy


Kenneth C. Kabingue


janvier 5, 2012


(incoming) 2012 JCI Philippines Local Organization Presidents, JCI Philippines, JCI Local Organizations

People impacted



At the end of the activity, 1. the incoming local organization presidents will have self audit on the needed skill to be an effective local organization president; 2. necessary skills on leadership and management will be reinforced; 3. the incoming president will develop a road map for his term; 4. align programs of the national organization with that of the local organizations


It has been a tradition in JCI Philippines to hold a Presidents Academy for those incoming presidents. This was started for the 2001 Presidents.


Improve securing financial support.


1. 110 presidents finished the activity 2. 5 trainers were given the chance to train on a big number of participants (cnt kenneth kabingue, cnt charlie gaw, cnt samuel bobiles, cnt enrico evangelista and itf mennen aracid as the head trainer) 4. fellowship of the 110 presidents with the outgoing presidents on the second night

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