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JCI Operation Hope to Assist in Immediate Recovery in the Philippines


In the wake of the recent catastrophic typhoon devastating the Philippines, JCI members commit to supporting national reconstruction through the activation of JCI Operation Hope. 


On November 8, 2013 the Central Philippines was devastated by the worst typhoon in recorded history. With thousands of people losing their lives, many more have been rendered homeless, severely injured and in need of food and water. The devastation from Typhoon Haiyan is alarming and the images from the cities hit by this disaster are disturbing. In the face of continued challenges during the aftermath of this storm, JCI members commit to JCI Operation Hope. The activation of JCI Operation Hope will allow JCI members, partners and friends to raise funds to support the recovery and reconstruction efforts in collaboration with members of JCI Philippines. 


At this time, the Philippines government and the UN estimate that about 9.8 million people have been affected by this massive storm. The number of casualties continues to increase and as many as 10,000 people may have died in Tacloban City alone. Approximately, 660,000 people have been forced from their homes. The UN, a longtime partner of JCI, has activated the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF). They announced the allocation of US $25 million to fund critical relief efforts immediately following this typhoon. This money will allow local and international agencies to respond quickly to the needs of the communities across this devastated region. However, the recovery process will not be quick. The damage caused by this storm is long term. Continuous hard work and sustainable support is essential to secure safety and basic needs for affected residents while reconstruction efforts begin of their homes and towns.


It is up to JCI members, partners and friends to support these efforts through donations to JCI Operation Hope. JCI members across the Philippines will use this support locally and nationally and collaborate with local partners to assist with the recovery of the communities that need it most. In alignment with the JCI Mission, young active citizens must use this ability to donate through JCI Operation Hope to create sustainable positive change for their fellow members and friends in the Philippines during these challenging times. 


Donate to JCI Operation Hope for reconstruction and recovery in the Philippines today. 



JCI Operation Hope: Putting the Spotlight Back on Haiti

In January of 2010, an earthquake devastated the country of Haiti. Since then, suffering has continued in the Haitian community despite the constant presence of NGO’s and other aid organizations. In March 2012, JCI President Bertolt Daems returned from Haiti in disbelief; the two years since the earthquake have produced little change in the environment, culture, society, and economy of Haiti.

The movement toward change has started with a solution focused on concrete action. JCI will support and guide JCI members and their communities on the ground, while also gathering monetary support from around the world. JCI Haiti has purchased land outside of Port-au-Prince and is constructing a Multipurpose Community Center. This center will create a clean space for meetings, events, and community activities to support Haitians in their steps toward a solution.

Earthquakes and hurricanes are an unpreventable challenge, but you can help Haiti recover and rebuild. JCI is joining forces with as many NGOs in Haiti as possible in order to tackle the issues with one strong, united front. You have the opportunity to contribute to the progress that will be seen in Haiti among its infrastructure and among the people. The support and donations of JCI members worldwide will bring hope and new life to the people of Haiti. Donate now and restore this hope.

For US residents, donations can also be made through the JCI Foundation, in order to get a tax deductible receipt. Donors must emphasize your donation is specifically for JCI Operation Hope. Send checks to the JCI World Headquarters at 15645 Olive Blvd. Chesterfield, MO 63017. 

JCI Operation Hope Activated to Assist in Philippine Flood Recovery

In response to the devastating floods that ravaged the southern region of the Philippines, JCI Operation Hope is now accepting donations to be sent to assist in the recovery. Striking Mindanao in southern Philippines, Typhoon Washi and the resulting floods have damaged more than 10,000 homes, displaced more than 500,000 people and killed more than 1,000 with a further 1,000 currently missing. In this poor region of the nation, access to clean drinking water was already limited and fear is rising that a disease outbreak will occur due to the unsanitary conditions in the wake of mudslides, flooding and the destruction of many local buildings and shelters. Many agencies have launched support for the recovery, but JCI can mobilize members on the ground to ensure that help is provided to those who need it the most.

With your support, JCI will work with JCI Philippines to coordinate the delivery of much-needed supplies to the affected areas and work to prevent additional deaths arising from the unsanitary conditions plaguing the area. JCI Operation Hope is your chance to lend a hand to individuals facing very serious challenges. By donating now, you can help them overcome them.

JCI Operation Hope Commits Support to Japan

The fifth largest earthquake in recorded history and the largest in Japan for nearly 1,200 years struck off the northeastern coast of the nation on March 11, resulting in a massive tsunami that washed inland, wiping out homes, buildings and cars. Roads, railways and airports have been severely damaged and telecommunications services and power have been cut off to thousands. More than 300 people have been confirmed dead, with another 500 reported missing, and the death toll is expected to rise above 1,000 as the extent of the damage is evaluated. As nations around the world commit resources and personnel to relief efforts along the coast, JCI members must take action to help the ongoing recovery efforts throughout the coming weeks and months.

JCI Japan and its members are among the first to take action whenever JCI projects call for support. Whether when Operation Hope is activated to invest in sustainable recovery in disaster-stricken areas or when JCI Nothing But Nets raises funds to fight malaria, JCI Japan members can be counted on to respond. Today these same individuals are the ones who are most in need of our action and our sympathies. JCI will work with JCI Japan to coordinate projects to evaluate the needs of the affected areas and address them to sustain the nation’s recovery from this tragedy. JCI members around the world are encouraged to offer what support they can to help Japan overcome this disaster and return life to normal for millions of citizens.

JCI Operation Hope Helps Rebuild New Zealand

In the wake of the recent earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, JCI members commit to assist the recovery through JCI Operation Hope. The 6.3-magnitude earthquake hit Christchurch killing 240 people and caused widespread damage across the entire city. According to BBC News, the disaster caused an array of collapsed buildings and homes and overturned cars and buses on streets throughout the area. Helicopters and rescuers on foot attempted to lift survivors out of the rubble and extinguish fires caused by the earthquake. Over 35,000 people remain without power, water or sewage. The estimated costs of recovery are now at $20 billion USD. JCI members, friends and family from Christchurch say that the city is in a state of shock and it is estimated that more than 36,000 people could be replaced. 

Members of JCI New Zealand have pledged time and funds to help expedite recovery for the people of Christchurch. JCI will work with JCI New Zealand to coordinate projects to help rebuild the city and restore the lives of the earthquake victims. Through JCI Operation Hope, JCI members from around the world can come together as young active citizens and support the recovery efforts in New Zealand.

JCI Operation Hope to Aid Recovery in Pakistan

Pakistan recently suffered its deadliest floods in decades. Torrential rains overwhelmed government efforts to provide aid, ripped out bridges, roads and villages and cost more than 1,600 people their lives. An estimated 980,484 homes were destroyed or seriously damaged by the flood, affecting more than 15.4 million people. Pakistani officials estimate the flooding has set back the country’s development by decades, according to CNN.

JCI Pakistan is coordinating recovery efforts with local and national governments and has established three relief camps throughout the affected areas, offering clean drinking water, food and clothing to displaced residents. JCI will work with JCI Pakistan to develop projects that will contribute to rebuilding the nation after the disaster. Through JCI Operation Hope, JCI members can reach across the globe and donate funds to sustain the ongoing recovery of the nation.

JCI Operation Hope in Haiti

Haiti recently suffered a devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake, causing catastrophic destruction. Many residents were displaced from their homes and families and the nation has been left in a state of emergency. A string of powerful aftershocks has only worsened the chaos currently gripping the impoverished country. While there is no exact number of casualties yet, tens of thousands of lives are expected to be lost.

JCI is coordinating aid with both the United Nations and members of JCI Dominican Republic. Through JCI Operation Hope, JCI members can reach across the globe to expand this recovery initiative by committing to providing resources for sustainable recovery in Haiti.


In December of 2004, deeply affected by the tsunamis in Southeast Asia, countless JCI members all over the world expressed their desire to help the victims. To promote and coordinate relief efforts worldwide, 2005 JCI President Kevin Cullinane approved JCI Operation Hope, which was officially launched January 1, 2005.

"JCI Operation Hope is our first effort in years to involve our JCI community towards such a large project and make things happen with our hands rather than through the hands of someone else," said Secretary General Edson A. Kodama.

During 2005, JCI members in countries affected by the tsunamis received assistance from JCI members from many other countries, as well as from other contributors, such as Dr. Dato Tan Hian Tsin. Those donations were effectively used to assist tsunami victims, primarily children. In Sri Lanka, for example, fishermen who had lost their boats received boats, and children who had lost their school were provided with a new, modernized school.

In January 2006, the JCI Board of Directors considered the success of JCI Operation Hope in 2005 and the need to assist other areas of the world that were facing disasters. JCI President Lars Hajslund asked Board members to discuss a new policy regarding JCI Operation Hope. SG Edson Kodama observed that the numerous tragedies in 2005 demonstrated that it was necessary to create a permanent JCI fund to assist victims.

Thus, the 2006 JCI Board of Directors approved the new “Policy 18-14, JCI Operation Hope," as proposed by General Legal Counsel Graham Hanlon, which reads as follows:


“A permanent fund made up of donations from members and non-members shall be maintained to assist, through JCI members, the victims of natural or other disasters. The fund shall be administered by the Executive Committee."

JCI Executive Vice President Shoji Okuhara, appointed JCI Operation Hope Taskforce Chairman at the 2005 World Congress in Vienna, reported on activities conducted to provide relief and focused on plans for the future. For example, he said JCI Japan members would continue assisting abandoned orphans on the Island of Nias, Indonesia. He added that he was planning to go to Pakistan, where earthquakes had caused extensive damage, to see how JCI could help.

In 2008, JCI members in various areas of the world are facing serious challenges and are requesting assistance from their fellow members in other countries.

Contribute to JCI Operation Hope

Members are encouraged to donate to JCI Operation Hope. Their donations will be used to help JCI members in affected areas conduct relief operations. The JCI Executive Committee will ensure that donated funds are effectively invested in the area selected by the donor.

National Organizations receiving funds will be asked to report on the projects they conduct. These projects will not only assist the affected communities, but will also provide leadership training opportunities to our members and contribute to JCI's public relations efforts.

Assist people in need as directly as possible. Do it through your fellow JCI members in affected areas; do it through JCI Operation Hope.


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